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This is a "clickable" overview map of the OGF world, showing all the different territories, with each territory's status and owner. For a searchable and sortable overview table of all territories, see below the map.

Overview Map

Map colors
  free for editing by all users new users edit here
  available territory new users may request these territories, in accordance with varying regional policies (see OGF:Admin_regions)
  owned territory
  collaborative territory
  marked for withdrawal
  reserved area
(Click on a territory to get additional information.)

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Territory list

status id name owner deadline

owned AN121 AN121 trebor
available AN122 AN122 admin
reserved AN123 AN123 HilsonbergmanMigrate to AR907
owned AN124 AN124 poweikao
owned AN125 AN125 dawnscalion
owned AN126a AN126a IlliaHai
owned AN126b AN126b MOI N
owned AN127 AN127 FancyFoxy
owned AN128 AN128 GibranalNN
owned AN128b AN128b GibranalNN
owned AN129 AN129 sude
available AN130 AN130 admin
owned AN130a AN130a Eapoa
available AN131 AN131 admin
available AN132 AN132 admin
collaborative AN133a AN133a Ernestpcosby
owned AN133b AN133b ijz3r
owned AN133c AN133c BelpheniaProject
owned AN134a AN134a mvexel
owned AN134b AN134b Thunderbird
owned AN134c AN134c alobore98
owned AN134d AN134d Jonesboro
available AN134e AN134e admin
owned AN135 AN135 Rekant
available AN136 AN136 admin
owned AN137a AN137a RyanWelsh1
available AN137b AN137b admin
available AN137c AN137c admin
owned AN137d AN137d mrpeanuts
owned AN137e AN137e belmemes
available AN137f AN137f admin
available AN138 AN138 admin
owned AN139 AN139 Paxtar
owned AN140 AN140 JuLn
owned AN140a AN140a Aiki
owned AN140b AN140b No Objective
owned AN141a AN141a newflanders
owned AN141b AN141b geoboi
owned AN141c AN141c kaanhanel
owned AN141d AN141d wbmstr
owned AN141e AN141e Rivulvas
owned AN141f AN141f Solinu
owned AN142a AN142a leile48
owned AN142b AN142b compdude
owned AN142c AN142c 5link
available AN142d AN142d admin
owned AN142e AN142e ilikemaps
owned AN142f AN142f Floodgate
owned AN142g AN142g Taka
owned AN142h AN142h Aces California
owned AN142i AN142i logrog04
owned AN143 AN143 joebro
owned AN144 AN144 Jameshall
owned AN145 AN145 Meg11
available AN146 AN146 admin
owned AN147 AN147 GMH
owned AN148 AN148 seerryyii
owned AN150a AN150a kaboema88
owned AN150b AN150b Huachachi
available AN150c AN150c admin
owned AN150d AN150d diamantschiff
owned AN150e AN150e kingfries
owned AN150f AN150f Ūdilugbulgidħū
owned AN150g AN150g Reece202
collaborative AN150h AN150h Ūdilugbulgidħū
owned AN150i AN150i premier_377
owned AN150j AN150j whateversusan
owned AN150k AN150k Alejandro24
owned AN150l AN150l Ūdilugbulgidħū
owned AN152a AN152a ruadh
owned AN152b AN152b warahan
owned AN152c AN152c NKgov
owned AN152d AN152d nick77
owned AN152e AN152e Glauber
owned AN152f AN152f dryerlint
owned AN152g AN152g Jazzland823
available AN153a AN153a admin
owned AN153b AN153b strayamate
owned AN153c AN153c googleplex
owned AN155 AN155 Intergalactic
owned AN160 AN160 Luciano
owned AN160b AN160b Luciano
owned AN160c AN160c Ūdilugbulgidħū
collaborative AN160d AN160d deltanzand Luciano
owned AN160e AN160e donnamaw
owned AN160f AN160f Alsatian
owned AN330 AN330 Olufsen
owned AN331 AN331 Ūdilugbulgidħū
owned AN331b AN331b Ūdilugbulgidħū
owned AN331c AN331c Ūdilugbulgidħū
available AN333 AN333 admin
owned AN334 AN334 The_Cute_Chick
owned AN335 AN335 JBstad1
available AN336 AN336 admin
collaborative AN399 AN399 admin
owned AR001 AR001 Panzerbyte
owned AR001b-01 AR001b-01 iiEarth
available AR001b-02 AR001b-02 admin
available AR001b-03 AR001b-03 admin
available AR001b-04 AR001b-04 admin
available AR001b-05 AR001b-05 admin
available AR001b-06 AR001b-06 admin
owned AR001b-07 AR001b-07 Rayx
available AR001b-08 AR001b-08 admin
available AR001b-09 AR001b-09 admin
available AR001b-10 AR001b-10 admin
available AR001b-11 AR001b-11 admin
available AR001b-12 AR001b-12 admin
owned AR003 AR003 oneofbeatlefan
owned AR005 AR005 Stephenplays
owned AR006 AR006 suburbandecay
owned AR007 AR007 lars
owned AR008 AR008 joeri_poeri
owned AR009 AR009 Fox Tails
open to all AR009a Drull Free State admin
available AR009b AR009b admin
owned AR010 AR010 rbirke
owned AR011 AR011 Eretra
owned AR012 AR012 Demacia33039
owned AR013 AR013 Black Baron
owned AR013a AR013a Larson
available AR014 AR014 admin
owned AR015 AR015 histor
owned AR015a AR015a histor
available AR016 AR016 admin
available AR017 AR017 admin
owned AR017b AR017b awuray
available AR017c AR017c admin
owned AR019a AR019a Sarepava
owned AR019b AR019b Sarepava
owned AR019c AR019c GutoPXC
available AR020a AR020a admin
owned AR020b AR020b AsyedanResponse to deadline 2019-03-22 on msg 32012
owned AR020c AR020c roadyote
available AR021 AR021 admin
available AR022 AR022 admin
available AR022a AR022a admin
owned AR022b AR022b Luca_G
owned AR022c AR022c sensation
owned AR022d AR022d ev3commander
available AR022e AR022e admin
owned AR023 AR023 Martinawa
owned AR024 AR024 UsuárioPar
owned AR024a AR024a corneater69
owned AR025 AR025 Luciano
collaborative AR025a AR025a wangi
open to all AR026 Mecyna admin
marked for withdrawal AR027a AR027a AustinofOketia 2019-09-21
owned AR027b AR027b RRS
marked for withdrawal AR027c AR027c torihatelyy 2019-09-21
available AR027d AR027d admin
owned AR028 AR028 JSanchez
owned AR028a AR028a JSanchez
owned AR031 AR031 GrandLisbon
owned AR032 AR032 UN1TY
available AR032a AR032a admin
owned AR032b AR032b MobiusTheEagle
owned AR032c AR032c Gonzy
owned AR032d AR032d TurkishSeal
available AR032e AR032e admin
available AR035 AR035 admin
available AR036 AR036 admin
owned AR038 AR038 C Sharp
owned AR039 AR039 yuriyhlmacof
owned AR041 AR041 newflanders
owned AR041a AR041a EAJ
owned AR041b AR041b Arlo
owned AR041c AR041c ixFelix
marked for withdrawal AR041d AR041d Alec 2019-09-21
owned AR041e AR041e staticlumeme
owned AR041f AR041f oskarrabit
owned AR041g AR041g anli5005
owned AR041h AR041h King Timothy I
owned AR042b AR042b Duncan
owned AR042c AR042c ItsTybear
owned AR042d AR042d shinygreenespeon
owned AR042e AR042e Lorenzo49
reserved AR043 AR043 admin
owned AR044 AR044 Y Knott
owned AR045b AR045b ImmortalHawk
owned AR045c AR045c Warren J
owned AR045d AR045d curiomap
owned AR045e AR045e watered_down_orange_juice
marked for withdrawal AR045f AR045f Floydig 2019-09-21
owned AR045i AR045i Chef Boyer De
available AR046a AR046a admin
owned AR046b AR046b K20008
available AR046c AR046c admin
available AR046d AR046d admin
owned AR046e AR046e Build
marked for withdrawal AR046f AR046f MaxyIsHere 2019-09-21
owned AR046g AR046g Vay
owned AR046h AR046h Mattlas
owned AR046i AR046i EZstreet
owned AR047 AR047 MapUser
owned AR048 AR048 acubens71
owned AR049 AR049 JSanchez
owned AR050-01 AR050-01 colin_dm
owned AR050-02 AR050-02 TheAquaBarron
owned AR050-03 AR050-03 forkymapper
owned AR050-04 AR050-04 The Mapper
owned AR050-05 AR050-05 SpikeDog
owned AR050-06 AR050-06 Maizesheep8
available AR050-07 AR050-07 admin
available AR050-08 AR050-08 admin
available AR050-09 AR050-09 admin
available AR050-10 AR050-10 admin
available AR050-11 AR050-11 admin
available AR050-12 AR050-12 admin
owned AR050-13 AR050-13 Olo72
marked for withdrawal AR050-14 AR050-14 surfdude5557 2019-09-21
available AR050-15 AR050-15 admin
available AR050-16 AR050-16 admin
owned AR051 AR051 gannman
owned AR052 AR052 Boge
available AR052a AR052a admin
marked for withdrawal AR053 AR053 Asparagusmsg 37366 2019-11-21
owned AR054 AR054 Caleb Burak the developer
owned AR055 AR055 deltanz
owned AR055b AR055b deltanz
owned AR056a AR056a patoso1334585 2019-07-10
owned AR056c AR056c nadriko
owned AR056d AR056d Katav
owned AR056f AR056f Naexma
owned AR056g AR056g CartographerKing
owned AR056i AR056i Turnsole80
owned AR056j AR056j Turnsole80
owned AR056k AR056k Turnsole80
owned AR057a AR057a ferdinand
owned AR057b AR057b No Way
owned AR058 AR058 Mapping Expert
available AR058a AR058a admin
owned AR059a AR059a Alfred
owned AR059b AR059b andrepoiy
owned AR059c AR059c Mike's World
owned AR059d AR059d clik
owned PE072a PE072a Toadwart
reserved AR059f AR059f admin
available AR061 AR061 admin
owned AR063 AR063 Rasmus Rasmusson
owned AR063b AR063b Rasmus Rasmusson
marked for withdrawal AR064 AR064 M72 2019-09-21
available AR065 AR065 admin
owned AR066 AR066 Trombonist2003;Infrarrojo;oneofbeatlefan
available AR067 AR067 admin
available AR098 AR098 admin
owned AR100 AR100 JBKit
owned AR100a AR100a Felwar
owned AR100b AR100b Hasdrubal Sauradan
reserved AR100c AR100c admin
available AR101 AR101 admin
owned AR102 AR102 hobsini
owned AR102a AR102a Predruska
owned AR102b AR102b Interstate_85
owned AR103 AR103 facehead
owned AR104a AR104a BDoyle
owned AR104b AR104b LinJ
owned AR105 AR105 Christiaan de Vries
owned AR106 AR106 UmgangsCool
owned AR106a AR106a qwhx
owned AR106b AR106b UmgangsCool
owned AR106c AR106c Masterlupo
owned AR106d AR106d natlyn
owned AR107 AR107 jbobinman
collaborative AR120-01 AR120-01 admin
marked for withdrawal AR120-02 AR120-02 William_Hampton 2019-09-21
owned AR120-03 AR120-03 histor
owned AR120-04 AR120-04 PColumbus73
owned AR120-05 AR120-05 Logan230
owned AR120-06 AR120-06 Z11
owned AR120-07 AR120-07 Fluffr_Nuttr
owned AR120-08 AR120-08 Jarrodcamo
owned AR120-09 AR120-09 Zytik
collaborative AR120-11 AR120-11 admin
owned AR120-12 AR120-12 whateversusan
owned AR120-13 AR120-13 mstr
owned AR120-14 AR120-14 JayPlaysBeamNG
owned AR120-15 AR120-15 Voivod
available AR120-16 AR120-16 admind
owned AR120-17 AR120-17 Marcello
marked for withdrawal AR120-18 AR120-18 tom_m7msg 37332 2019-11-21
owned AR120-19 AR120-19 GregoryLoss
owned AR120-21 AR120-21 TheHolyEpicpenguin
owned AR120-22 AR120-22 TBMap
owned AR120-23 AR120-23 Pancake Killer
marked for withdrawal AR120-24 AR120-24 Katraiba Republic 2019-09-21
available AR120-25 AR120-25 admin
available AR120-26 AR120-26 admin
owned AR120-27 AR120-27 Abdy
owned AR120-28 AR120-28 iBallasticwolf2
available AR120-29 AR120-29 admin
available AR120-31 AR120-31 admin
reserved AR120-32a AR120-32a admin
reserved AR120-32b AR120-32b admin
reserved AR120-32c AR120-32c admin
reserved AR120-32d AR120-32d admin
reserved AR120-32e AR120-32e admin
reserved AR120-32f AR120-32f admin
reserved AR120-32g AR120-32g admin
reserved AR120-32h AR120-32h admin
reserved AR120-32i AR120-32i admin
reserved AR120-32j AR120-32j admin
reserved AR120-32k AR120-32k admin
reserved AR120-32l AR120-32l admin
available AR120-33a AR120-33a admin
owned AR120-33b AR120-33b DudeMap555 2019-11-21
available AR120-33c AR120-33c admin
available AR120-33d AR120-33d admin
reserved AR120-33e AR120-33e admin
reserved AR120-33f AR120-33f admin
available AR120-33g AR120-33g admin
owned AR120-33h AR120-33h oof boi 2019-12-10
owned AR120-33i AR120-33i Legendardisch 2019-12-07
available AR120-33j AR120-33j admin
available AR120-33k AR120-33k admin
reserved AR120-33l AR120-33l admin
reserved AR120-33m AR120-33m admin
reserved AR120-33n AR120-33n admin
reserved AR120-33o AR120-33o admin
reserved AR120-33p AR120-33p admin
reserved AR120-33q AR120-33q admin
available AR120-33r AR120-33r admin
available AR120-33s AR120-33s admin
available AR120-34 AR120-34 admin
available AR120-35 AR120-35 admin
owned AR120-36 AR120-36 plainoldbread
owned AR120-37 AR120-37 ZyrellfromJB
owned AR120-42 AR120-42 Poston 2019-09-21
collaborative AR120-43 AR120-43 adminand Leowezy
owned AR120-44 AR120-44 Rhiney boi
available AR120-45 AR120-45 admin
available AR120-46 AR120-46 admin
available AR120-47 AR120-47 admin
owned AR120-48 AR120-48 matteditfict 2019-08-22
available AR120-51 AR120-51 admin
owned AR120-52 AR120-52 Myrcia
owned AR120-53 AR120-53 oof boi
owned AR120-54 AR120-54 Ernestpcosby
owned AR120-55 AR120-55 TheMayor
available AR120-56 AR120-56 admin
owned AR120-57 AR120-57 Dimitrij
owned AR120-58 AR120-58 Luciano
owned AR120-59 AR120-59 yoyo2133270
owned AR120-61 AR120-61 Crete_Greece
available AR120-62 AR120-62 admin
owned AR120-63 AR120-63 Luziyca
owned AR120-71 AR120-71 Megacity2005Creator
owned AR120-72 AR120-72 blakebingham
available AR120-73 AR120-73 admin
available AR120-74 AR120-74 admin
owned AR120-75 AR120-75 Brunanter
owned AR120-76 AR120-76 bootmii
owned AR120-81 AR120-81 htx
available AR120-82 AR120-82 admin
owned AR120-83 AR120-83 Johnny
collaborative AR120-84 AR120-84 adminand wangi
available AR120-85 AR120-85 admin
owned AR120-86 AR120-86 infinatious
owned AR120-87 AR120-87 Shedingtonian
collaborative AR120-91 AR120-91 adminand ruadh
owned AR120-92 AR120-92 elindio23
owned AR121 AR121 CharlieG
owned AR330 AR330 scribe28
owned AR331 AR331 cinnasnaxx
owned AR333 AR333 Le Mathou
owned AR334 AR334 azaz_091332103
owned AR335 AR335 Ūdilugbulgidħū
owned AR336 AR336 Γιάννης 4
available AR337 AR337 admin
owned AR338 AR338 Arisuaq
owned AR339 AR339 lionel-tardy
open to all AR900 Commonia admin
open to all AR901 Rhododactylia admin
open to all AR902 West Commonia admin
owned AR903 AR903 zhenkang
available AR904 AR904 admin
owned AR905 AR905 Fayaan
available AR906 AR906 admin
owned AR907 AR907 Hilsonbergman
available AR908 AR908 admin
available AR909 AR909 admin
available AR910 AR910 admin
available AR911 AR911 admin
available AR912 AR912 admin
available AR913 AR913 admin
available AR914 AR914 admin
available AR915 AR915 admin
available AR916 AR916 admin
available AR917 AR917 admin
available AR918 AR918 admin
available AR919 AR919 admin
available AR920 AR920 admin
available AR921 AR921 admin
available AR922 AR922 admin
reserved ER001 ER001 admin
reserved ER002 ER002 admin
reserved ER003 ER003 admin
reserved ER004 ER004 admin
reserved ER005 ER005 admin
reserved ER006 ER006 admin
reserved ER007 ER007 admin
reserved ER008 ER008 admin
reserved ER009 ER009 admin
reserved ER010 ER010 admin
reserved ER011 ER011 admin
reserved ER012 ER012 admin
reserved ER013 ER013 admin
reserved ER014 ER014 admin
reserved ER015 ER015 admin
reserved ER016 ER016 admin
reserved ER017 ER017 admin
reserved ER018 ER018 admin
reserved ER019 ER019 admin
reserved ER020 ER020 admin
reserved ER021 ER021 admin
reserved ER022 ER022 admin
reserved ER023 ER023 admin
reserved ER024 ER024 admin
reserved ER025 ER025 admin
reserved ER026 ER026 admin
reserved ER027 ER027 admin
reserved ER028 ER028 admin
reserved ER029 ER029 admin
reserved ER030 ER030 admin
reserved ER031 ER031 admin
reserved ER032 ER032 admin
reserved ER033 ER033 admin
reserved ER034 ER034 admin
reserved ER035 ER035 admin
reserved ER036 ER036 admin
reserved ER037 ER037 admin
reserved ER038 ER038 admin
reserved ER039 ER039 admin
reserved ER040 ER040 admin
reserved ER041 ER041 admin
reserved ER042 ER042 admin
reserved ER043 ER043 admin
reserved ER044 ER044 admin
reserved ER045 ER045 admin
reserved ER046 ER046 admin
reserved ER047 ER047 admin
reserved ER048 ER048 admin
reserved ER049 ER049 admin
reserved ER050 ER050 admin
reserved ER051 ER051 admin
reserved ER052 ER052 admin
reserved ER053 ER053 admin
reserved ER054 ER054 admin
reserved ER055 ER055 admin
reserved ER056 ER056 admin
reserved ER057 ER057 admin
reserved ER058 ER058 admin
reserved ER059 ER059 admin
reserved ER060 ER060 admin
reserved ER061 ER061 admin
reserved ER062 ER062 admin
reserved ER063 ER063 admin
reserved ER064 ER064 admin
reserved ER065 ER065 admin
reserved ER066 ER066 admin
reserved ER067 ER067 admin
reserved ER068 ER068 admin
reserved ER069 ER069 admin
reserved ER070 ER070 admin
reserved ER071 ER071 admin
reserved ER072 ER072 admin
reserved ER073 ER073 admin
reserved ER074 ER074 admin
reserved ER075 ER075 admin
reserved ER076 ER076 admin
reserved ER077 ER077 admin
reserved ER078 ER078 admin
reserved ER079 ER079 admin
reserved ER080 ER080 admin
reserved ER081 ER081 admin
reserved ER082 ER082 admin
reserved ER083 ER083 admin
reserved ER084 ER084 admin
reserved ER085 ER085 admin
reserved ER086 ER086 admin
reserved ER087 ER087 admin
reserved ER088 ER088 admin
reserved ER089 ER089 admin
reserved ER090 ER090 admin
reserved ER091 ER091 admin
reserved ER092 ER092 admin
reserved ER093 ER093 admin
reserved ER094 ER094 admin
reserved ER095 ER095 admin
reserved ER096 ER096 admin
reserved ER097 ER097 admin
reserved ER098 ER098 admin
reserved ER099 ER099 admin
reserved ER100 ER100 admin
reserved ER101 ER101 admin
reserved ER102 ER102 admin
reserved ER103 ER103 admin
reserved ER104 ER104 admin
reserved ER105 ER105 admin
reserved ER106 ER106 admin
reserved ER107 ER107 admin
reserved ER108 ER108 admin
reserved ER109 ER109 admin
reserved ER110 ER110 admin
reserved ER111 ER111 admin
reserved ER112 ER112 admin
reserved ER113 ER113 admin
reserved ER114 ER114 admin
reserved ER115 ER115 admin
reserved ER116 ER116 admin
reserved ER117 ER117 admin
reserved ER118 ER118 admin
reserved ER119 ER119 admin
reserved ER120 ER120 admin
reserved ER121 ER121 admin
reserved ER122 ER122 admin
reserved ER123 ER123 admin
reserved ER124 ER124 admin
reserved ER125 ER125 admin
reserved ER126 ER126 admin
reserved ER127 ER127 admin
reserved ER128 ER128 admin
reserved ER129 ER129 admin
reserved ER130 ER130 admin
reserved ER131 ER131 admin
reserved ER132 ER132 admin
reserved ER133 ER133 admin
reserved ER134 ER134 admin
reserved ER135 ER135 admin
reserved ER136 ER136 admin
reserved ER137 ER137 admin
reserved ER138 ER138 admin
reserved ER139 ER139 admin
reserved ER140 ER140 admin
reserved ER141 ER141 admin
reserved ER142 ER142 admin
reserved ER143 ER143 admin
reserved KA001 KA001 admin
reserved KA002 KA002 admin
reserved KA003 KA003 admin
reserved KA004 KA004 admin
reserved KA005 KA005 admin
reserved KA006 KA006 admin
reserved KA007 KA007 admin
reserved KA008 KA008 admin
reserved KA009 KA009 admin
reserved KA010 KA010 admin
reserved KA011 KA011 admin
reserved KA012 KA012 admin
reserved KA013 KA013 admin
reserved KA014 KA014 admin
reserved KA015 KA015 admin
reserved KA016 KA016 admin
reserved KA017 KA017 admin
reserved KA018 KA018 admin
reserved KA019 KA019 admin
reserved KA020 KA020 admin
reserved KA021 KA021 admin
reserved KA022 KA022 admin
reserved KA023 KA023 admin
reserved KA025 KA025 admin
reserved KA026 KA026 admin
reserved KA027 KA027 admin
reserved KA028 KA028 admin
reserved KA029 KA029 admin
reserved KA030 KA030 admin
reserved KA031 KA031 admin
reserved KA032 KA032 admin
reserved KA033 KA033 admin
reserved KA034 KA034 admin
reserved KA035 KA035 admin
reserved KA036 KA036 admin
reserved KA037 KA037 admin
reserved KA038 KA038 admin
reserved KA039 KA039 admin
reserved KA040 KA040 admin
reserved KA041 KA041 admin
reserved KA042 KA042 admin
reserved KA043 KA043 admin
reserved KA044 KA044 admin
reserved KA045 KA045 admin
reserved KA046 KA046 admin
reserved KA047 KA047 admin
reserved KA048 KA048 admin
reserved KA049 KA049 admin
reserved KA050 KA050 admin
reserved KA051 KA051 admin
reserved KA052 KA052 admin
reserved KA053 KA053 admin
reserved KA054 KA054 admin
reserved KA055 KA055 admin
reserved KA056 KA056 admin
reserved KA057 KA057 admin
reserved KA058 KA058 admin
reserved KA059 KA059 admin
reserved KA060 KA060 admin
reserved KA061 KA061 admin
reserved KA062 KA062 admin
reserved KA063 KA063 admin
reserved KA064 KA064 admin
reserved KA065 KA065 admin
reserved KA066 KA066 admin
reserved KA067 KA067 admin
reserved KA068 KA068 admin
reserved KA069 KA069 admin
reserved KA070 KA070 admin
reserved KA071 KA071 admin
reserved KA072 KA072 admin
owned KA073 KA073 Turnsole80
reserved KA074 KA074 admin
reserved KA075 KA075 admin
owned KA076 KA076 Toadwart
owned KA076a KA076a Toadwart
collaborative KA077 KA077 Toadwartand Turnsole80
collaborative KA078 KA078 Turnsole80and Toadwart
reserved OR001 OR001 admin
reserved OR002 OR002 admin
reserved OR003 OR003 admin
reserved OR004 OR004 admin
reserved OR005 OR005 admin
reserved OR006 OR006 admin
reserved OR007 OR007 admin
reserved OR008 OR008 admin
reserved OR009 OR009 admin
reserved OR010 OR010 admin
reserved OR011 OR011 admin
reserved OR012 OR012 admin
reserved OR013 OR013 admin
reserved OR014 OR014 admin
reserved OR015 OR015 admin
reserved OR016 OR016 admin
reserved OR017 OR017 admin
reserved OR018 OR018 admin
reserved OR019 OR019 admin
reserved OR020 OR020 admin
reserved OR021 OR021 admin
reserved OR022 OR022 admin
reserved OR023 OR023 admin
reserved OR024 OR024 admin
reserved OR025 OR025 admin
reserved OR026 OR026 admin
reserved OR027 OR027 admin
reserved OR028 OR028 admin
reserved OR029 OR029 admin
reserved OR030 OR030 admin
reserved OR031 OR031 admin
reserved OR032 OR032 admin
reserved OR033 OR033 admin
reserved OR034 OR034 admin
reserved OR035 OR035 admin
reserved OR036 OR036 admin
reserved OR037 OR037 admin
reserved OR038 OR038 admin
reserved OR039 OR039 admin
reserved OR040 OR040 admin
reserved OR041 OR041 admin
reserved OR042 OR042 admin
reserved OR043 OR043 admin
reserved OR044 OR044 admin
reserved OR045 OR045 admin
reserved OR046 OR046 admin
reserved OR047 OR047 admin
reserved OR048 OR048 admin
reserved OR049 OR049 admin
reserved OR050 OR050 admin
reserved OR051 OR051 admin
reserved OR052 OR052 admin
reserved OR053 OR053 admin
reserved OR054 OR054 admin
reserved OR055 OR055 admin
reserved OR056 OR056 admin
reserved OR057 OR057 admin
reserved OR058 OR058 admin
reserved OR059 OR059 admin
reserved PE001 PE001 admin
reserved PE002 PE002 admin
reserved PE003 PE003 admin
reserved PE004 PE004 admin
reserved PE005 PE005 admin
reserved PE006 PE006 admin
reserved PE007 PE007 admin
reserved PE008 PE008 admin
reserved PE009 PE009 admin
reserved PE010 PE010 admin
reserved PE011 PE011 admin
reserved PE012 PE012 admin
reserved PE013 PE013 admin
reserved PE014 PE014 admin
reserved PE015 PE015 admin
reserved PE016 PE016 admin
reserved PE017 PE017 admin
reserved PE018 PE018 admin
reserved PE019 PE019 admin
reserved PE020 PE020 admin
reserved PE021 PE021 admin
reserved PE022 PE022 admin
reserved PE023 PE023 admin
reserved PE024 PE024 admin
reserved PE025 PE025 admin
reserved PE026 PE026 admin
reserved PE027 PE027 admin
reserved PE028 PE028 admin
reserved PE029 PE029 admin
reserved PE030 PE030 admin
reserved PE031 PE031 admin
reserved PE032 PE032 admin
reserved PE033 PE033 admin
reserved PE034 PE034 admin
reserved PE035 PE035 admin
reserved PE036 PE036 admin
reserved PE037 PE037 admin
reserved PE038 PE038 admin
reserved PE039 PE039 admin
reserved PE040 PE040 admin
reserved PE041 PE041 admin
reserved PE042 PE042 admin
reserved PE043 PE043 admin
reserved PE044 PE044 admin
reserved PE045 PE045 admin
reserved PE046 PE046 admin
reserved PE047 PE047 admin
reserved PE048 PE048 admin
reserved PE049 PE049 admin
reserved PE050 PE050 admin
reserved PE051 PE051 admin
reserved PE052 PE052 admin
reserved PE053 PE053 admin
reserved PE054 PE054 admin
reserved PE055 PE055 admin
reserved PE056 PE056 admin
reserved PE057 PE057 admin
reserved PE058 PE058 admin
reserved PE059 PE059 admin
reserved PE060 PE060 admin
reserved PE061 PE061 admin
reserved PE062 PE062 admin
reserved PE063 PE063 admin
reserved PE064 PE064 admin
reserved PE065 PE065 admin
reserved PE066 PE066 admin
reserved PE067 PE067 admin
reserved PE069 PE069 admin
reserved PE070 PE070 admin
reserved PE071 PE071 admin
reserved PE072 PE072 admin
reserved PE073 PE073 admin
reserved PE074 PE074 admin
reserved PE075 PE075 admin
reserved PE076 PE076 admin
reserved PE077 PE077 admin
reserved PE078 PE078 admin
reserved PE079 PE079 admin
reserved PE080 PE080 admin
reserved PE081 PE081 admin
reserved PE082 PE082 admin
reserved PE083 PE083 admin
reserved PE084 PE084 admin
reserved PE085 PE085 admin
reserved PE086 PE086 admin
reserved PE087 PE087 admin
reserved PE088 PE088 admin
reserved PE089 PE089 admin
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