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Several people have asked about this, and I decided to try to make a short summary. This is not a complete explanation, but I wanted to post these screenshots and make place for a more expanded "How To" article later on.

I have many paper versions of maps (which are generally pretty low quality - really just sketches and brainstorming) that I have wanted to load to OGF. Here's how I have been doing it. JOSM allows you to load an image file as a separate layer. Once you have your mapping area loaded to JOSM, you can load an image file (.jpg or .png) and have it function as a kind of "background" that is easy to "trace" over. So I load the background image file, then I trace the streets or coastlines or whatever. After I've done that, I close the image file (or "hide" it) and "clean up" the resulting objects (ways and nodes) in JOSM.

First, you have to make sure you have the JOSM "PicLayer" plugin loaded.

JOSM Piclayer0.jpg

Here are two more screenshots with notes to get you started.

JOSM Piclayer1.jpg

JOSM Piclayer2.jpg

If you have questions, feel free to contact me (Luciano)