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minimum standard

The list of competitors in the OGFIFA world-cup is reserved for users who have shown enthusiasm for football to a certain standard. To be included in the list a country must have:

  • a national strip in the wiki-article about national kit OGFIFA_national_kit
  • a wiki-article about the country (more than just a stub)
  • a wiki-article about the national football infrastructure
  • a first league with 16 or more clubs with club names and team strips if the country is 50,000 km² or more or
  • a first league with 10 or more clubs with club names and team strips, if the land is smaller.
  • mapping of all the stadiums of these clubs in mapped towns.

host country

To be included on the list as a host country the country must have:

  • 8 or more stadiums for 1926 to 1970 (4 groups for the first round)
  • 12 or more stadiums for 1974 to 1982 (6 groups for the first round)
  • 16 or more stadiums for 1986 to the present day (8 groups for the first round)

Two or three small countries in the same area can be the host country together.

continental contingents

As in reality there have been continental spots since 1926 in the mens world cup.

years first round groups Archanta Tarephia / Antarephia Uletha Western continents
1926 to 1970 4 3 Group A-C 3 Group B-D 4 Group A-D 6 other places
1974 to 1982 6 5 5 6 8
1986 til now 8 7 7 8 10

The competition is set up so that in first round groups there is always one team from Archanta, one from Antarephia/Tarephia and one from Uletha. The other teams from Uletha and the new continents take the remaining places in these first-round groups.


open places (for future users) can be marked with the placeholder symbol for a country with Unknown Flag.png Undecided

article about tournaments

The owner of the host country writes the article about the tournament. He/She describes the stadiums, the first rounds and the final games.

First four teams

A nation can only win a restricted amount of titles and places 2 to 4 for men or woman

  • Two winning world cups per nation maximum
  • Two second places per nation maximum
  • Two third places per nation maximum
  • Two hosted world cups per nation maximum
  • But: Six (men)or five (women) appearances maximum of one nation within the list, so not all of the maximum values mentioned before can be reached

(more text will follow)