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Flag of Oakhill

Oakhill is one of the smallest states in the Federal States of Archanta (FSA). The state is situated in the southeast region. The state lays roundabout 250 km east of the Capital town Huntingdon and in the northeast of Stanton.

The name "Oakhill" was given from first settlers for the oaks; from this trees they build the first houses. The flag shows the green of the oakwood and the golden St. Andrew-cross for the hope of success in this new land.

Capital town of Oakhill is Gilbertville.

On the OGF-map you find Oakwood here [1]


Behind a strip of flat and swampy land at the coast the more inner land of Oakhill is - as the name suggests - covered with soft hills, til today with wood of oaks. At some small hills only few meters about the wetlands are founded the towns of Gilbertville and Fort Gumryn. The towns of Orlando and Oxlake lay more in the hilly part of Oakhill.

The southern coast lay direct at the Ardentic Ocean, the western coast with the city of Gilbertville at a bay, sheltered from the Cape Magnolia peninsula.


The inhabitants of Oakhill are of different orign - most have anchstors ingerish speaking (34 %), germish speaking (25%), scandisk speaking (12 %), frenkish speaking (7 %) and italisk speaking (5 %). 17 % of the inhabitants are of mixed or other orign.



The state is divided in 4 "counties", which here are not named as counties, but as "districts". Towns are Gilbertville, Fort Gumryn, Orlando and Oxlake, other political units are villages.

District km² inhabitants each km² map Town Village remark
57.52 294 143 5 113.8 [2] Gilbertville with Dexters Landing, Ginnerham
41.53 2 874 69.2 [3] Bartley Cross with Balderson, Sireen Lake
24.05 4 870 202.5 [4] Bletchley with Rye, Scalsocor
19.83 5 631 283.7 [5] Castor Village with Rowardenen, Ruben
67.52 10 320 152.8 [6] Grilsehaugh with Clementia, Greysons Mill, Wicotapa
25.69 785 30.6 [7] Salmon with Curtius, Wood Cat
Gilbertville 227.73 318 623 1 399.1 [8] ----- -----
37.39 147 794 3 952.8 [9] Fort Gumryn with Green Valley, Belleville
3.52 448 127.3 [10] Cape Magnolia
60.14 1 638 27.2 [11] Fork with Dameny, Parlynn
21.46 4 870 273.5 [12] Port Jeremy with Dempsterville, Ardentic Park, Taplingtons Rock
31.62 688 21.8 [13] Richmond Garden with Margareths Cross
Fort Gumryn 154.12 155 483 1 008.9 [14] ----- -----
40.01 86 534 2 162.8 [15] Orlando
39.34 4 875 123.9 [16] Emblotts Cross with Surtess and Red Wolfe
8.58 10 506 1 224.8 [17] Myrconta
36.49 7 532 206.4 [18] Tackleton with Jinter
35.34 [19] White Horse with Taille
Orlando 160.37 xx yy [20] ----- -----
34.54 [21] Oxlake
44.33 [22] Hammermill
71.71 [23] Hornets Nest
63.03 [24] Horthing
75.00 42 675 569.0 [25] Pallyston
Oxlake 288.61 xx yyy zzz.zz [26] ----- -----
whole state 839.14 xx yyy zzz.zz [27]



Gilbertville is foundet 1588 at the mouth of the Magnolia River on several small hills in the swampy area. Because this place was better sheltered from hurricans as Fort Gumryn, Gilbertville was choosen as capital-city for the Oakhill-colony and later the state.

Gilbertville has five inner suburbs,

  • Old Town: First houses are build at the Church hill around the St. Johns church
  • Flatland,
  • West-Side,
  • North-Hill,
  • South-side

More outside are this suburbs:

  • Tarephia
  • Duckhunters Hill - urbanisized in the 1950ies til 1970ies with cheaper appartement houses
  • Vatonga Park - urbanisized in the 1970ies
  • Bramblecarses
  • Vapalonghany - urbanisized in the 2010ies. Some older houses with great gardens still are at Bletchley Way. This suburb in the future will be expanded to the south, til the urbanisation of Gilbertville reached the village of Bletchley. Then at Winterhorn Way will be a new station of the light railway. Further planes are made, to prolongate this railway more to the western part of the city with new stations at Liberty Avenue and Northern Way.

Fort Gumryn

Sir Arnold Gumryn founded the Fort in 1545 to shelter this part of the coastline. Here later grow the first town of the Oakhill area, til 1588 Gilbetville was fonded and 1609 become the capital of the colony. Nevertheless Fort Gumryn today is the second greatest town of the state of Oakhill and harbour of the state.

Famous is the village of Cape Magnolia at th end of the peninsula in the south of the town with only 38 houses, but residence of some famous painters and writers and some film-stars of the Federal States.


Bus lines in Orlando


The first Settlement was founded 1633 by John Decatour north of the river between Boulevard and School Street, at 1703 the town grow further to the west to Wall Street - today the "Old Town". In the 1860ies the "New Town" was designed with a rectangled street-grid. In the 1910ies on the area of the great Lisseton Gardens the horse racing course come in use - the only one in Oakhill state. Last urbanisation is the Millenium City in the norhwest of the old town, realisized from 1996 to 2011.

Long years was planed, to build a branch line of the railway Gilbertville - Oxlake to Orlando. This branch of 8.75 km from Horthing to Orlando then was opened 1874. With the upcoming bus-service the Orlando branch was closed in 1958, the rails are take off 1969. Til this time the right of way for a railway lays in the landscape and til this time discussions are made, to open again this railway-branch. The great success of the light railway between Gilbertville and Fort Gumryn give wings to the plan, to reopen the Orlando line in roundabout 4 years. Today instead of the rails the way is used as cyclepath.


State Light Railway


One interstate railway touches Oakville, running via Gilbertville and Orlando, from Newlynn to .....

Freight railways .... (more) ...

Around Scalsocor Deep an industrial railway with 0.600 m spur is working for the peat industry.

State Light Railway

In Oakhill itself is in service only one short railway line between Gilbertville via Bletchley and Richmond to Fort Gumryn with 19.25 km lenght. This formerly private railway now is owned by the state of Oakhill (30%) and the towns of Gilbertville and Fort Gumryn (each 35%). More details see at Oakhill_SLR


The transportation in Oakhill mainly is seved by bus. More details see at Oakhill_Buslines.


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In the last years some hi-tech works opened in Gilbertville as Trontronic or Catpaw, which sell the products worldwide.



Schools in the towns .....

Outside the towns the old small schools in the villages and hamlets are centralisized in new schools. Childring are transportated to them by school-bus. This Central Schools are

  • Gilberville district = West in Bartley Cross, North in Castor Village and East in Wicotapa.
  • Fort Gumryn district = in Port Jeremy, all other schools in Fort Gumryn
  • Orlando district = Tackleton, all other schools in Orlando

Colleges and University

The university of Oakhill is situated in Gilbertville. This institute was founded in 1768 as one of the first universities at the eastcoast of the Federal States. The Main Building is build new in 1908.

Colleges are at

  • Grilsehaugh (north of Gilbertville) and .... (wbf)
  • Whittier College in Fort Gumryn ...
  • Lisserton College in Orlando

Cultural Features

  • The Oakhill Opera in Gilbertville ... (wbf)


Horse racing

Near Orlando is the only horse racing course of Oakhill (see [28]). Most at Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday it is possible to watch the races. At racing days the special bus-line "7 red" connects Gilbertville nonstop with the racecourse


Golf places in Oakhill are in

  • "City Golf" - a small place in the town of Gilbertville
  • Grilsehaugh Golf Club (Gilbertvill district)
  • Wood Cat Golf (Gilbertville district) with hotel
  • Green Valley Golf (Fort Gumryn district)
  • Taplins Wood (Fort Gumryn district) near Port Jeremy
  • Surtess Golf (Orlado district) with hotel

American Football

The stadium in Oxlake is the home of the rgional team (see [29]). The stadium is designed by Bruno Moreira. Reachable is the statium with bus ## 6, 12 and 18. At the stadium is a railway station.


Near many schools are baseball fields for the young people or older amateur player. The professional stadium is in Grilsehaugh north of Gilbertville, reachable with bus lines ## 4, 23 and 24. Too this stadium is designed by Mr. Moreira.


Soccer is a very popular sport in Oakhill. The Catpaw-team in Gilbertville plays in a professional league. Other teams play as amateurs. Oldes team are the Bletchley Tigers from 1907. More details see at Oakhill_Soccer

Worth to see

  • Cape Magnolia Village - house of writers and painters (see [30])
  • Catpaw-Stadium in Gilbertville - design B. Moreira (see [31])
  • House of Gerald Henderson, the writer (see [32])
  • Richmond Hall and Park, formerly house of the ingerish governor and now museum (see [33])
  • Romantica Show Garden and Culture Centre (see [34])
  • Tepplingtons Rock - a bare rock in the middle of wetland at the sea shore (see [35])