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Oddo Hysenfork, seen by the newspaper Hoy

Oddo Hysenfork is an zylandian writer, born 1930 and died 2001 in Aaby. 1978 he got the Serna Prize for literature.

After some poems in the Aaby newspapers he come out 1950 with his first long story "Siin vunne hunt" (seen from a dog), a polemic and satyric sight of local politicans in Aaby, telled from the dog of the town major. This man was so angry, that he said about Hysenfork: "This guy in Aaby will get no leg on the earth".

Nevertheless Hysenfork studies medicine and chemistry and work in the pharmacy of his father in the Amperestroot (Amperestreet) in the New town suburb. Next work 1955 was a book with some humoristic short stories "Sweflsuur" (sulphur acid), who was his first greater sucess, so he was not only known in Aaby but in whole Zylanda.

He writes in the tradition of Twain and Hajek, the young man told the newspapers. And after a trip over several month to Khaiwoon and the Niulutan-Riu, eastern Uletha and northern Archanta he bring to paper some textes in that manner titled "Koppaneigl" (copper nail). But with his chemical knowledge here he found many of the material for his next greater theme.

With the long title "Allns, wat jy shallst weetn ova coppa" (All, what you shall know about copper) he write the story of the using of this metal. Indeed the Great Copper, Bronce and Brass Company has given him some money for this work, but he wrote his text independent. On the one side the fascinating story of human use of this metal and on the other side the clear look of the chemical expert, this book since 1960 lays the ground for a row of books out of his feather about themes of natural science, who get very populaire not only in Zylanda. "Cobre" (copper) was in Latina too the first bestseller from Hysenfork.

1965 came "Dat bunde kleed" (coloured clothes) about natural colours and the upcoming of synthetic colours, 1968 "Alkaloids" (alcaloides) about the story of using drugs from coffee, tabacs, alcohol, marihuana, cocain, opium to synthetic drugs and 1972 at third "Wat dat eetn beeta mookt" (what makes eating better) about the human use of spices. All this titles sell good. But Hysenfork stay at the ground and take over the pharmacy after the death of his father 1974.

1978 he won the Serna Prize for his populair work, in which he junctioned the science and the human aspect. But he was gone a step forward meanwhile - or back, if you want. Some years he wrote at his new very long story - over 2000 pages of satyric and humoristic style - about the zylandian upper-class and again thrugh the eyes of a dog. This book was published 1981 and titled "Min goodn minsch" (my good man). The story was very successfull in Zylanda, but in other countries there are only few interest, so that only a latinian and an ingerish version was published.

Later Hysenfork write some shorter stories and to all of them are friendly spoken in the newspapers, but the great highlight was not among this titles. At last come out in 1999 "Metz un fork un'ne glaas vun wiin" (knive and fork and a glass of wine) with stories about cooking and eating.

Oddo Hysenfork always live in Aaby in the Amperestroot. He was married twice and had two daughters and one son. Since his death one of his daughters has taken over the pharmacy of the family.