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Setch in "Hoy"

Oswaldo Morales y Pelayo is a latinian writer. 2006 he won the Serna Price for literature. He was born 1940 in Sardinas (province Montes Azul) in the southern part of Latina. The brown hat from leather and the thick cigare are the "trademark" of him.

His father was lawer in the small town and so Oswaldo gets a classical education. With four years - so is sayed - he could read and write. With 6 years his first poems are printed in the local newspaper and one - for what he was very proud - in the leading newspaper "Hoy" in Latina (Cidudad), as he was 10. In the age of 14 he begun, to write longer stories with protagonist as fishermen, tourists and the local establishment. This was the first rock, he wrecked with his talent. So his father mean, for the young man with spying eyes and a critical feather it is better, to stay in a greater town. He get to his uncle Ernesto in Givullion. After schooltime he learned bookseller. To study he had no patience, because he would earn own money now.

As he was 16 and see, that half of all people are women, he write his first pronographic long story, named "Concha" (shell). His uncle - a man with certain care - give him the advice, to publish with a pseudonym and he choose "Pescador" (fisherman). This story and a lot of other stories in this genre are published til 1960. The books are selled good and 1990 the newspaper "La Prensa" set out 1000 L£, to clear up the real writer of this stories. He claim this 1000 L£ for himself, because the then famous writer had written this books. After some go and back this money was payed to him. He did not need this amount, it was only for the sport.

1963 he married and worked in a bookshop in Givullion, starting this with the money of father and uncle. But this was only the day to day money - the other time he writes his "new" stories. This are long stories with cool precision, extraordinaire characters, long lasting love or fateful decision. All his first great stories are set in films with in most cases great success in Cinecitta. The main works in this periode are

  • 1964: "Parquet terso" (slippery parquet) - the upper 1000 of a provice (and a lot of targets in Givullion)
  • 1966: "Novienmbre" (november) - the going down of an formerly famous politican
  • 1967: "Con todas las de la ley" (orderly) - what a woman may done - or not
  • 1970: "Chapuza" (shoddy work) - a nearly perfect crime

All stories he published in his own publishing house, the "Objetos Perdidos Publishing". After a while other autours came to him and so half of his time he spend to publish other writer and his house in the "Calle los objetos perdidos" (Street of lost things) in Givullion was the focus of literature in the north of Latina 17, -11.29906, 41.88111.

From the mid-1970-ies his stories are shorter and some years he writes stories about crime with the inspector Carlos Fraude. For this he found his readers, but the critic saw him in a creative hole. With the films about this figure he earn a lot of money and so he sayd: "This is pearling from me as water from the feathers of a duck".

1980 til 1986 he published his main work, the heptalogy "Givullion", a long historical story of a family in this town, beginning at the frontier days of 1680 til the time of 1850, as the first railway arrives this town. Each year one book was published. There are such a lot of persons in this seven books, that some enthusiasts published an index. From the book was selled in Latina 350.000 pieces and translations are made in several other languages. To be authentical, several month he sit in the main archive of Givullion and in the national archive in Latina (Cidudad).

From this time til now too he was one of the prominent supporter of the PLyA, the "party ot liberals and atheists" with many short articles in newspapers and magazins. Therefore he write in this years only short stories about hunting, crime and wars in other countries.

2005 (as he was 65) was published his collected works, from his earlier poems to the last pamphlet for the PLyA-party, in 36 tomes. So people think, that was it as the harvest of a long writing life. But 2007 Oswaldo Morales y Pelayo put his last great work at the desk of the booksellers: "Causar buena impresión" (make a good impression) with the often told story of a young man, who seek in the djungle of feelings the woman which satisfacted. With some sentiment follows 2013 as last work til today "Tramvia cinco" (streetcar line no. 5), in which he describe the daily life in his quarter in Givullion and his pup "Hombre".

Oswaldo Moraley y Pelayo is married til today (2015) with his first wife and had two sons, no around 50. He lived as since his 16th year in Givullion.