Mach One

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Mach One
IndustryTransport by hyperloop
FounderKyle Vermez
HeadquartersRivador, Lorredion
Key PeopleKyle Vermez

Mach One originally named POW! is a project of hyperloop launched in 2002 by Greenov. The Hyperloop is a conceptual high-speed transportation system put forward by Mach One incorporating reduced-pressure tubes in which pressurized capsules ride on an air cushion driven by linear induction motors and air compressors. The capsules have a capacity of 20 passengers, launched at the maximum rate of one capsule every minute, 1200 passengers per hour in each tube. The maximum speed is 1200 km / h.

The preliminary technical tests were started in 2005 on the test site of Greenov in the desert of Apreterre. Engineers have created an Hyperloop test tube with a length of 33 km, to try the capsules, and to perfect the Mach One. The first two hyperloop link projects are serving Elegantia and Amonters from the city of Rivador, faster than the plane or any other means of transport.

After a difficult start, due in large part to safety concerns, the first two lines of the hyperloop are a great commercial success for the transport of passengers or merchandise, which allows the project Mach One of Greenov to interest new cities around the world. The dream of Kyle Vermez, the initiator of the project, was, from its inception, to connect the centers of all the metropolises of Archanta and then of the world thanks to a new, cheaper, less polluting and more flexible mode of transport. Since the beginning of the project, additional lines have been considered and studied.

Line 1 (first section) Rivador - Elegantia

The first line will be created between the cities of Rivador and Elegantia. Work begins in December 2009 and Line 1 opens to the public in March 2014. The Mach One line traverse the 540 km between the two cities approximately in 35 minutes.

Line 1 Project in 2006
The Mach One hyperloop Station in Rivador

Line 1 (second section) Rivador - Amonters

It is in October 2014 that opens the public line 2 between Rivador and Amonters after two and a half years of work. The Mach One line traverse the 135 km between the two cities approximately in 15 minutes.

Antarephia Hyperloop

HyperloopKAN map.png

Line 1 (Morkmanst to City of Gold)

Line 2 (Orgoreyn to Otag)