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12, 29.8012, 122.3606
CountryWiwaxia Flag.jpg Wiwaxia
 • RegionCounty Opabinia
Location of Pargiter in Wiwaxia
Location of Pargiter in Wiwaxia
Ethnic Groups
Wiwaxians (91%), Other (9%)
NationalitiesWiwaxians (91%), Other (9%)
 • MayorCloris Wilson
 • Estimate (2014)210,470

Pargiter is a city in Opabinia County in Wiwaxia and home to Lasswade University. The population is 210,101, of which approximately 20,000 are students.

Pargiter Metropolitan Area


Castle Mount fortress, with its strategic position in bluffs in a bend in the River Wiwax, was built in the early 1500's by Kalmish buccaneers in an attempt to secure access further into Wiwaxia via the river. When the Ingerish bought rights to Wiwaxia from Kalm, the position was no longer equally as strategic. But in 1650 Harriet, the Countess of Pargiter changed the fortunes of the little village when she founded Lasswade College to the north of the existing village. The first college in Wiwaxia, it gained greatly in importance when Wiwaxia broke from Ingerland in 1622 and it received a royal charter from Queen Eglantine I and became a university. Since then, Lasswade University has dominated the cultural and economic life of the city.

Places of Interest

Lasswade University is high on any list of important places in Pargiter; the university's historic Woolfian Library - the first scholarly collection in Wiwaxia - is also of most importance architecturally. Also of interest are Wiwaxia's oldest horticultural gardens, Craddock Botanic Gardens and Craddock Arboretum, which are also part of the university. Sceptre Wood, just south of the university, is a beautifully preserved forest in the heart of the city.

design for Woolfian Library facade, c. 1760


Besides Lasswade University, Pargiter is home to the Wiwax Royal School of Ballet.


Just south of the university off of Sceptre Wood is the Grand Odeon Theater, venue for a wide range of classical and modern theatre. The Royal Ballet Proscenium Theater is the premiere venue for dance in Wiwaxia; it is also home to the Pargiter Philharmonic.


The Lasswade University Green Jackets football team plays at Lasswade Pitch, with fans from not just the city but alumni throughout Wiwaxia.


Pargiter is served by the Pargiter Expressway/Marella Highway W301. The Lasswade Train Station has service to and from Wiwaxmouthe, Markham, Pettigrew/Starkadder and Fanshawe/Peckham Castle with points in-between and connections north, south, east and west. Wiwax-Pargiter International Airport, about 40 kilometres east, provides service to all airports in Wiwaxia as well as most major cities worldwide.


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