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Paul Fiorino, born 1872 in Weybirton (now part of Stanton) and died 1949 in Stanton was the mayor of Stanton from 1913 to 1921 and 1933 to 1941.

As civil engeneer ha was one of the man, in leading position building the first subway-line beneath the Central Avenue, opened 1908. Later he become for a short time chairman of the EAR, the Eight Avenue Railway. 1913 he was elected as mayor of the town. In his time a lot of new subway-lines are open and he was the man, who connected in the newspapers the common health, the social hand for cheap rides with the profit for the subway companies. But around 1920 the fare of 5 cent are too few money for the companies, to build more new lines. Therefore he changed his mind: The town shall take over the subways in own hand and may pay the missing money for the subway from the town-taxes.

After 1921 in opposition, he further follows this goal. Legendary are the disputes with Mayor John Hilhanny about the rising of the subway-fare in the 1930ies. Hilhanny was named the "ten cent robber" for his agitation for a fare, allowing the companies to expand in new lines. Hilhannys announced the ticket for 4 rides each to 7,5 cent, if you use different companies and for Fiorino it was easy to tell long and broad about the handicaps of this bureaucratic solution.

1933 Fiorino again was elected as mayor. On the one hand was the stagnation of the subway net, the financiell crisis of the subway companies, the expensiv new subway-lines of the city owned SMS-lines 8, 9, 10 and 11 and on the other hand the inhabitants wish a cheap fare too then, if using different subway companies for a ride. The gordinic knot he slay through 1937, as he was elected new: The town takes over all subway lines, the fare rises to 10 cent and the missing money came from the town. The newspapers named him as the "father of a modern subway".

1941 - meanwhile old 69 years - he do not want to be elected new and retired, writing his memories and give sarcastic interviews, as 1943 the fare rises to 15 cent and the town more and more let get down the standard if its subway net.

To the honour of Paul Fiorino the old airport of Stanton is named.