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Paxtāren Ärlénéem
IndustryAir Travel
 Air Cargo
 Aircraft Maintenance
 Catering Services
HeadquartersSafrisco, Paxtar
Area Served Worldwide
Key PeopleIrene Lopez, Director
PredecessorCostamedia Air Transport

'Paxtāren Ärlénéem (SC)', known internationally as Paxtaren Airlines, and generally referred to as "Paxair", is the national carrier of Paxtar. It is the largest airline in Paxtar, and its passenger and cargo aircraft can be spotted at many of the world's largest airports.

Paxair's headquarters (map) and primary hub (map) are located in Safrisco. International service is also available through Carmeleum and Laengelem.


Originally founded in 1935 in Doxterity, CM, as Costamedia Air Transport, it provided small-plane non-scheduled passenger and minor freight service in central Costamedia and surrounding areas. By 1942, scheduled service began between Safrisco, Sansimeon and Laengelem, and its base of operations was moved to Safrisco Field. Service to Joriku, Carmeleum and Sukaidoa was added in 1948.

In 1965 the Paxtaren government acquired majority ownership of Costamedia Air Transport and Watanabe Kokukaisha which were merged and renamed Paxtāren Ärlénéem.


Paxair maintains a fleet of 164 aircraft, all manufactured by Watanabe Aerospace, including the state-of-the art W39 wide-body and the W40 SST.

Aircraft Range (KM) Passengers In Service Notes
W27 1850 30 11 Turboprop
W29 2600 60 12
W32 13500 220 2
W34 6100 154 38
W36 13500 - 17390 320 - 380 28
W39 14750 - 15700 240 - 290 67
W40 9700 172 6 SST

Watanabe 40-B Watanabe 36-C Watanabe 39-B
Watanabe 40-B Watanabe 36-C Watanabe 39-B
Watanabe 34-D Watanabe 29-F Watanabe 32-C
Watanabe 34-D Watanabe 29-F Watanabe 32-C


Paxair serves 18 domestic, and 49 international, destinations with over 3,300 weekly departures. Paxair's W40s make daily non-stop flights to Latina, Kaiwoon, Bàrnia and Villa Constitución.

International Destinations

Paxair International Destinations

Alcântara, Ashbourne, Ataraxie-Ville, Avewood, Bad Stanncatt, Balonis City, Bàrnia, Bengonia, Caerarthen Lleifwr, Campo Verde, Carmelium, Cordoba, Duerst, Ek-Balam, Ergolanyum, Etatono, First Harbor, Fortuna, Gobras City, Guntrum, Itacolomi, Khaiwoon, Laengelem, Latina (Ciudad), Maguériz, Malojdeh, Montecari, Nekkar, Norad, Pakuan, Palmerston City, Petersburgh, Port Emporia, Porto Colon, Pyingshum, Quentinsburgh, Reback, Safrisco, Säntjana, Senford, Shadowsnow City, Slovech, Tarott, Tárrases, Tilia, Torre, Trevers, Vai, Verena, Villa Constitución, and Zylanda.

Domestic Destinations

Paxair Domestic Destinations

Armawahil, Caelumcado, Carmelium, Doxterity, Joriku, Laengelem, Lagunegra, Loren, Neuheim, Safrisco, Sansimeon, Seeburg, Somerstein, Sukaidoa, Suriribazu, Watanabe , and Yasila.

Paxair Flight Schedule

A complete timetable of all Paxair's flights can be viewed here: Paxair Schedule.


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