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The Paxtaren Star is the official currency of the Paxtaren Republic. It is abbreviated as PXS, and its symbol is ᚯ. The star consists of 100 smaller units called Sents, abbreviated as 's' or 'st'. Notes and coins are issued by the Bank of the Paxtaren Republic.


Banknotes are printed on linen paper in denominations of 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 and 500 stars. The notes contain several security and anti-counterfeit measures, as well as raised raised ink for the sight impaired. Each note is 127mm x 64mm in size. Living persons are not permitted to appear on currency.

Denomination Obverse Reverse
ᚯ5 PXS-5-Star-Note-OB.jpg

Lucius Varus, Governor of Confracterra


Confracterran Fishing Boats

ᚯ10 PXS-10-Star-Note-OB.jpg

Carman Ramos, Educator


Globe showing Paxtar and Antarephia

ᚯ20 PXS-20-Star-Note-OB.jpg

Rosa Ortega, Reformer and Activist


Wheat Harvest, circa 300AL

ᚯ50 PXS-50-Star-Note-OB.jpg

Alfred Goertz, Pilot and Businessman


Watanabe W7 Aircraft

ᚯ100 PXS-100-Star-Note-OB.jpg

Hilda Lapschee, Opera Singer


Joriku Bay

ᚯ200 PXS-200-Star-Note-OB.jpg

Hideake Toda, Physicist


Sansimeon Power Plant

ᚯ500 PXS-500-Star-Note-OB.jpg

Frank Trostel, Physician


Waisensee, Hinterland


Coins are made from alloys predominantly comprised of copper, zinc and nickel, to produce the colors 'copper', 'silver' and 'gold'. No precious metals are actually used.

Denomination Color Diameter Obverse Reverse
1s Copper 16 mm PXS-Coin-1-OB.jpg PXS-Coin-1-RE.jpg
5s Copper 16 mm PXS-Coin-5-OB.jpg PXS-Coin-5-RE.jpg
10s Copper 18 mm PXS-Coin-10-OB.jpg PXS-Coin-10-RE.jpg
20s Silver 20 mm PXS-Coin-20-OB.jpg PXS-Coin-20-RE.jpg
50s Silver 22 mm PXS-Coin-50-OB.jpg PXS-Coin-50-RE.jpg
ᚯ1 Gold 28 mm PXS-Coin-100-OB.jpg PXS-Coin-100-RE.jpg
ᚯ2 Gold 30 mm PXS-Coin-200-OB.jpg PXS-Coin-200-RE.jpg