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The PenCross, short for Penquisset Commuter Rail, is a commuter rail network in the state of Penquisset, in the Federal States, serving the main hub cities of Newburyport and Warwick. It has a total of 101 stops spread out across 9 designated lines and 4 special service trains. PenCross is operated by Neurban Industries, and is one of the only passenger services in the Federal States that is fully operated remotely and by computer program.


PenCross began operation under the name Eastern Fairfax Rail Incorporated in 1885 as a steam train service operating between Newburyport and Duxbury, with branch service to Whaleburyport via the now Iron Meadows Rail Trail...


Ongoing Projects


Neurban Industries operates PenCross to limit the number of active trains in a single day in a single line to be as minimal as possible. For example, the Newbury/Wellesley Line only requires a minimum of 6 trains on an average weekday to cover service (except in cases of a damaged or disabled train). The company developed the TransWay algorithm of system optimization to calculate the most optimal time spacing and routes for trains given certain parameters. Because of the limited human influence in the production of operation schedules, during the modernization upgrades required to institute this system as well as the fully autonomy of the trains themselves, PenCross was often jokingly referred to as the Ghost Train.

The train locomotives and passenger cars for PenCross were produced by a company based overseas in Gobrassanya and the most modern fleet of XL-9270s was delivered by cargo ship in 2011. A typical PenCross passenger train consists of one train locomotive, as well as nine passenger cars, that may be either a single level or a double level. Trains may be entirely comprised of one of these tiered passenger cars, or an assortment including both, depending on service demands and capacity limitations.





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