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Map of Pink County within Sierra.png

Pink County is a county in the F.S. state of Sierra. Pink County is located in the center-west of the state and is the second smallest in area, having only 599.9 km². Hernandez in the county seat. It has a population of 46,800.


Pink County is named after Garrard Pink, who settled in the mid-19th century. The area formed a part of Wilfried County until 1875, when it was split off to form its own county.


Hernandez is the biggest city and county seat. It has two other settlements, the town of Benoit and Collins.


The FS-60 is the key motorway serving the state, though the county seat of Hernandez is only served by the S-1. Pink County has the smallest county road network in Sierra, with only four such roads.

Route Length
CR 1 (Pink).svg Concurrent with S-1 21.7 km
CR 2 (Pink).svg County limit (Santa Cruz) - CR 4 (Benoit) - CR 3 (Collins) - county limit (Wilfried) 20.3 km
CR 3 (Pink).svg Cuspel St. (Hernandez) - FS-60 - CR 2 (Collins) - county limit/CR-2 (Saguas) 31.7 km
CR 4 (Pink).svg CR 3 - CR 2 (Benoit) - county limit/CR-3 (Saguas) 24.1 km
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