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Air traffic

Modern airplanes connect metropolises around the globe

Agencies and associations

  • The Assembly of Nations Agency for Civil Aviation (ANACA) is an agency of the Assembly of Nations that codifies and standardizes the different aspects of international civil air navigation. As an organization that is part of the Assembly of Nations, every AN member is automatically a member of the ANACA. The organizations also administers civilian aircraft registration prefixes. ... read more
  • The World Association of Air Transport (WAAT), former named International Air Transport (IAT), is the body representing all world airlines. ... read more



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Road systems

Roads for individual traffic are the most basic means of transport


Railways are widely-used on all continents for (high speed) passenger transport ...
... and freight transport

Agencies and associations

  • The International Railway Union (IRU) is a multinational organization with the aim to provide regulations, rules and standards, making the worlds railway systems interoperable and strengthen international rail traffic. ... read more

National railways

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Urban transportation

Urban transportation is versatile and includes trams ...
... subway and light rail systems ...
... and busses

Urban transport systems

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Maritime transport

Container ship with large capacity (many thousand PPE)

Maritime transport is the transport of goods or people via waterways. The advent of aviation has diminished the importance of sea travel for passengers, though it is still popular for short trips and pleasure cruises.

Freight transport by sea has been widely used throughout recorded history. Transport by water is much cheaper than transport by air and highly cost effective with regular schedulable cargoes, such as heavy loads, bulk cargos and trans-oceanic shipping of consumer products. Containerization revolutionized maritime transport starting in the 1970s.

Agencies and associations

  • The International Sea Justice Court is the worldwide court for questions about sea-trade and piracy. It is an organization of the Assembly of Nations. ... read more
  • The Assembly of Nations Agency for Maritime Organization (ANAMO) is a specialized agency of the Assembly of Nations responsible for regulating (multinational) shipping and standardize port facilities. ANAMO's develops and maintains a comprehensive regulatory framework for shipping which includes technical co-operation, environmental concerns, legal matters, safety and maritime security. ... read more


List of major ports

Man-made waterways

Alternative means of transport

Magnetism is used to levitate the train on the track, so that the it can be faster than wheeled transit systems



AAway PeopleMovers


Tunnels and bridges of importance

Most important tunnels and bridges connect different countries and regions across highly frequented waterways