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13, 7.1039, 174.7114
 • Census (2019)5,000,000

The Protevousa is the capital and its largest city of Gianniria. It has 5,000,000 inhabitants, according to the 2019 census.


The construction of Protevousa began with the command of John I in 990 and was completed in 1000 so as to replace Thessaloniki from the capital city of Gianniria. Stay with modern and modern materials for the time with very beautiful ornaments.


The city is built on an island of the same name as the city, a short distance from the main island of Gianniria. Weather conditions are the same as the rest of the country. The wind from the South is a strong reason why it is the southernmost island of Gianniria. In 1821, it was the heat record when it reached 52°C on July 15th, while the record was on January 15, 1683 when it reached 18°C.


Population in Protevousa 1959-2019

Since the early 20th century, the city's population has been on the rise. In the city, 100% of its inhabitants are from Gianniria, however there is a special combination for foreign investors, which is close to the city's Airport.

Politics and Government

The City Council of Protevousa

Many districts of the city have their own municipalities but there is the Municipality of Protevousa which contains the city center. Protevousa is the capital of the homonymous province. The province of Protevousa elects 52 members in the parliament. City is traditionally a center of voters of EPEN.


In the city are the offices and studios of National Television Radio, which together with YENED in Thessaloniki are the only television and radio stations in the country.


The Bigger Stadium of Gianniria is located in Protevousa and is called Georgios Papadopoulos Stadium in which is the headquarters of the Ethnikos Protevousis and the National Football Team of Gianniria and which accommodates 102,000 people. In Protevousa is the Panoprotevousiakos and Atromitos. The City is a candidate for the 2024 and 2028 Geolympic Games.


Streets and highways

In the city there is the Ring Road, which connects one end of the city with the other in a short time.

Metropolitan transit


The City has a 3-line metro.


Other transport


The city is connected via the underwater tunnel of Motorway 2.


The city is connected to a submarine tunnel with the rest of the country's rail network. The Railway Station is located on the edge of the city and is connected by metro, city buses and Taxi.



Notable people