Quentinsburgh 2016 Summer Geolympiad Proposal

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Quentinsburgh, Freedemia has entered a bid for the 2016 Summer Geolympiad, also known as the 2016 Pancontinental Games. They plan to use the motto "It's time. We're ready." for the voting for the bid and the motto "Set Parate Incipere " for the actual games, meaning "Get Ready to Begin" in Latin. The bid committee is also considering the secondary motto Motivation. Determination. Success. Let the games begin. in advertising and such. They plan to use the proposed mascot, Geolymiad Garret (the turtle pictured below), in their posters and advertising.

Posters and Logos

Q16logo.jpg Q16official.jpg QBidPoster.jpg

QBidLogoNew.jpg Geolympic Garret.png

Proposed List of Venues

The following list is the full list of all of the proposed venues for Quentinsburgh.

Sport / Event Venue Name Capacity map QLine Metro notes
Ceremonies/Athletics Spectrum Geolympiad Stadium (center arena) tbd (a lot) map (4)(7)(11)
Geolympiad Village/ Area for athletes constructed near Hotel Village Square tbd map (7) dorms at Read University may also be used map
Football/Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4 Spectrum Geolympiad Stadium tbd (a lot) map (4)(7)(11) Built with 4 soccer fields within a large stadium complex, so more than one game can be in the same complex simultaneously
Football/Soccer 5 L. Vera Stadium tbd map (2)(4)(8) Ordinarily home of the Quentinsburgh Swift soccer team
Football/Soccer 6 Staplers Center tbd map (3)(8) Ordinarily home of the Quentinsburgh Rockfish football (not soccer) team
Foosball J. Bond Center tbd map (1)(2) at Quentins State Fairgrounds
Outdoor Volleyball Quentins Point Beach tbd map (1)(2)(3)(8)
Indoor Volleyball Read Athletic Center tbd map (5) constructed across from Read Stadium
Basketball Kendall Sports Center tbd map (1)(2)(4)
Marathon Downtown Quentinsburgh, route through Capitol Mall and Embassy Square tbd map (5) Marathon will likely loop back around to Waterside Park
Canoeing Horizon Lake tbd map None Will be connected by express buses/shuttles
Rowing Horizon Lake tbd map None Will be connected by express buses/shuttles
Mountain Biking Berkeley Mountains Conservation Area tbd map None Will be connected by express buses/shuttles
BMX Tortuga International Raceway tbd map (3)(6)(8) land in middle can be turned into fields and tracks and such
Aquatics Spectrum Geolympiad Aquatic Center tbd map (4) near Spectrum Geolympiad Stadium
Sailing Horizon Lake tbd map None Will be connected by express buses/shuttles
Field Hockey Seven Point Community Park tbd map (2)(9) will be turned into a large field area
Baseball Quails Field tbd map (2) normally home of Quentinsburgh Quails
 ? Quentins State Fairgrounds tbd map (1)(2)
Equestrian Sports? Redent Beach tbd map (5)
 ? North Quentinsburgh Park tbd map (5)
Gymnastics, Ice Sports, etc. Glofish.com Arena tbd (a lot) map (4)
 ? K.Arnolds Stadium tbd (a lot) map (4)
 ? T. Garland Stadium tbd map (4) Newly constructed as part of an expansion of Quentins State University
Golf Greendale Meadows Golf Club tbd map (4) Closest golf course close to Spectrum Geolympiad Stadium
Other water sports? Marathon? Waterside Park tbd map (5) Nice area in Downtown at coast, could be part of the marathon or triathlon
 ? Kolden Stadium tbd map (4) Newly built as an extra venue for Geolympiad
 ? D. Earnheart Stadium tbd map (4) Newly built as an extra venue for Geolympiad
 ? Quentins Convention Center tbd map (1)(3)(5)(7) Very nice venue in downtown Quentinsburgh, usually used for conventions, etc. Recently renovated.
Rugby Hayes-Carter Stadium tbd map (8) Stadium at Hayes University
 ? Roman N. Barker Stadium tbd map On tram Newly built as an added venue for Geolympiad
 ? Freedemian Park tbd map (6)(9)
Cycling Path between Freedemian Park, Seven Point Community Park, and Lake Grentens Park tbd map (2)(4)(6)(9)(at different stops)

QGMap.jpg QLineVenues.jpg

The above two maps show where the venues are located and how almost all of the venues are connected by QLine Subway.

Other Pros- Transportation

Quentinsburgh is very well connected via QUARTA transit service. It is home to newly renovated and expanded Sean Bond International Airport, an airport with lots of international and intercontinental flights, as well as a new airport, Horizon Regional Airport, that can be used as backup during large events. Connected by commuter rail to Laneston/Vandover and Franklinsburgh, guests could also fly in through these other major airports (Franklinsburgh International, especially). Freedemia also is home to world class airline, FreedemiAir, with international flights all over the OGF world- and expanding.

The main venues surrounding Spectrum Geolympiad Stadium are directly connected to downtown by QUARTA metro routes (4) and (7). All of the other proposed venues are also connected to downtown by QUARTA lines. (other than Lake Horizon, which will be connected by shuttles)

QUARTA has recently built a tram connecting many major venues surrounding Spectrum Geolympiad Stadium. map Some argued that the tram was unnecessary, but since Quentinsburgh was putting in a bid for the Geolympiad, it seemed like the best idea would be to go ahead and build.

If Quentinsburgh wins the bid, QUARTA has a plan to change subway routing to improve service to the Geolympiad. it would involve temporarily switching routes (1) and (7) south of Quentinsburgh Union Station so that the (7) would run from Sean Bond International through downtown to the Geolympiad and the (1) would continue to Quentins Point Beach. This is something QUARTA was planning anyway, so this will be a good time to test the idea and see if the new routing idea would work better than past routing. The change will likely help reduce overcrowding on line (1). QUARTA has also finally enacted express service on lines (1), (4), and (7), a new service which will greatly help if Quentinsburgh wins the bid.

Proposed service notice for the switching of Lines (1) and (7) for the Geolympiad.

QUARTA also has the plans and the resources for a temporary Bus Rapid Transit route running from Sean Bond International Airport through Geolympiad Village to the metro station for Sean Bond International through Read University and to the various venues near Spectrum Geolympiad Stadium. This route would provide better direct connections for tourists and athletes flying in through Sean Bond International.

QUARTA has also finally enacted a new commuter line from the airport to Haroldsborough, serving most of Central Quentinsburgh.

Sean Bond International Airport will be connected to Geolympiad Village by a new shuttle, pictured below.

Airport Shuttle modifications for Geolympiad Village

Spectrum Geolympiad Stadium even went so far to design the Quentinsburgh bid logo into their lawn in hopes of winning the bid. [map]

Redefining "Geolympiad Village"

It has recently been brought to the bid committee's attention that Geolympiad Village has had a pretty bad reputation for partying and such. Well, Quentinsburgh, if they win the bid, hope to change that. Opening an official virgin bar (bar with non-alcoholic beverages) and offering lots of fun, clean activities for married couples, families, and singles are large parts of their plans. The hope is that the event could also shine light on the awesomeness that wholesome activities can bring. This will be known as the "Redefine Geolympiad Village" project if they win the bid. They also plan to encourage visitors to enjoy the other non-Geolympiad related wholesome activities Quentinsburgh has to offer during their stay. Visitors and athletes should find much enjoyment in the activities the city has to offer, helping tourism as well.

Free Thrill Planet Admission

Through a special partnership between the bid committee and Thrill Planet, the athletes and their families will be invited to one free day at Thrill Planet Amusement Park. The park will be for the most part only open for athletes and their families on that day- considering the large amount of athletes, this shouldn't be a problem.

International Day

Another planned event would be International Day, a free day long festival in Downtown Quentinsburgh during the Geolympiad where athletes and visitors can come and celebrate. Quentinsburgh would do as much as they could to make the visiting athletes and tourists feel welcome. While there would be a partial focus on the Geolympiad, and it would be sponsored by the 2016 Quentinsburgh Geolympiad Bid Committee, the festival would be for the most part run by the City of Quentinsburgh and the Quentinsburgh Chamber of Commerce. Other national and international organizations can and will have booths at the event and local businesses will be offering special deals and such for the visitors, such as free samples.

Treating Athletes and Visitors as Valued Guests

The athletes are welcome guests at the 2016 Geolympiad, and Freedemia plans to treat them that way. For the span of the Geolympiad, all athletes are welcome to use whatever resources they need, such as a free temporary healthcare plan and free cash exchanges (from any international cash to Freedins). Athletes will be staying in 5 star facilities with quality living. They will also be given a free $200 All-n-One gift card to help them sustain themselves during their stay. Free shuttle services will be available for the athletes to and from the various venues. There will be many special free events in downtown Quentinsburgh and surrounding areas especially for international visitors. The athletes and visitors will be treated as valued guests in all aspects of their stay, as Freedemia understands the privilege hosting the Geolympiad is/would be.

The Ideas Behind the Mascot

Geolympic Garret.pngQ16official.jpg

The idea for the mascot was largely inspired by the national animal, the box turtle. The mascot, "Geolympiad Garret", is representative of the national pride in Freedemia, as well as his stance and expression representative of the motivation of the athletes in the Games and the fun of competition.

The original mascot was created by a young man named Henry Moore, using a paint software on his personal computer. he said he was particularly inspired by the television show Francine the Turtle. Lee Anderson Marketing eventually remade the mascot, making it more three-dimensional and added in the aspects mentioned (stance, expression, etc). The design of the mascot was deliberately simplistic, and when given a chance to vote for the mascot's name Geolympiad Garret was chosen over names like Quincy (for Quentinsburgh) Pancontinental Paul, Snappy, Shellback, and Shelldon.


The Quentinsburgh Bid committee wanted a new logo that was original, yet true to the colors and design of the Geolympiad logo. The diamonds represent a ring of unity and strength in teamwork, and the light green background diamond and the light blue background finish the color scheme created when creating Geolympiad Garret, the mascot.

Other ideas

Opening Ceremony/Theme ideas

Quentinsburgh is known for a lot of things, especially family values. However, the bid committee is still trying to come up with a theme that would make for a great opening ceremony.

One large idea was to base the ceremony after Quentinsburgh and Freedemia's heritage in the arts (plays, symphonies, jazz, etc). However, once again, there weren't many fully developed ideas, except for the following:

The idea is to somehow combine Freedemian culture when it comes to the arts with their strong family values, while working in the national animal, the box turtle. One smaller idea for a good feature involves claymation and stop motion. However, this is more of an idea for an intro video to kick off the opening ceremony, being a video of stop motion with Freedemian made Plega blocks including replicas of Quentinsburghian architecture. However, an idea of including stopmotion in the main feature as well (with people) and incorporating the aforementioned themes is being strongly considered for the opening ceremony.

Creating the most awesome Geolympiad experience ever

Quentinsburgh plans to work hard to make the Geolympiad experience stretch far beyond the actual sports events by creating two extra focal points-

  • tourism for international visitors, and
  • Geolympiad related tourism.

By using this model, Quentinsburgh would provide a multifaceted awesome experience for all involved. Special events for visitors help make them feel welcome, while giving them an insight into Freedemian culture and giving visitors insight on each other's country's cultures.

Meanwhile, Quentinsburgh would get the most out of the Geolympiad experience by having Geolympiad related tourism and events for domestic and international tourists. Large megatrons, viewing events, television coverage and more will be large parts of the Geolympiad experience in Quentinsburgh. For the time that it would be happening, the Geolympiad would become part of the city's core.

This system will also lead to a very "global experience", because even outside of the Geolympiad itself, there will be some awesome mingling between native Freedemians and international visitors.

About Quentinsburgh

Quentinsburgh is the capital of the United Freedemian Union, as well as the capital of Quentins State. It has a population of about 4.6 million and is considered one of the safest cities in the world.

Quentinsburgh has been undergoing many redevelopment projects recently. Quentinsburgh wants to become the next big global city, so many large improvements have been occurring, including expanding universities, airport improvements, downtown revitalization, public transit improvements, and more.

About Freedemia, Overall infrastructure, and Positive Relations with Other Countries

Freedemia is a relatively developed country, with a solid economy and strong infrastructure.

Freedemia has the added benefit of having positive relations with many countries, and currently no negative relations with any countries. While Freedemia has a bit of an isolationist outlook when it comes to foreign policy, it also works hard to have positive relations with all nations, with an open economy and open relations.

Other Plans

Leading up to 2016

Preparations would continue, such as the enactment of new bus routes especially for the Quentinsburgh Geolympiad. More hotels are already opening, and the infrastructure is in good shape.

Beyond 2016 (after it's all over)

The area that has been built as a potential Geolympiad Village will become Hotel Village Business Park upon the completion of the 2016 Geolympiad if the bid is won.

The Spectrum Geolympiad Stadium area will remain a large international hub for sports and events, helping to draw more and more events (sporting and beyond) to Quentinsburgh.


Quentinsburgh is not the only city running, however. There are several other great cities in the running. All users can vote for their choice to win the bid here. Talk:2016 Summer Geolympiad