Railways in Myrcia

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The railway system in Myrcia is relatively extensive for an island of such a small size. There is around 600 miles of track (including urban mass transit systems) including 250 miles of mainline railway operated by Railweg Myrcia, the state-owned railway company. Another major rail operator is Landstede Geleórednes Dunwic which is responsible for public transport in Dunwic and Ceasternisc Bernica.

Mainline rail services are electrified using overhead lines. The LGD Linbæn and RM Regio services around Dunwic also use overhead electrification


The first railway in Myrcia was constructed between Dunwic and St Grimbald by the Great Mercian Corporation. GMC was an Ingerish firm which had begun to develop Myrcia's industrial capacity in the 1790s and was responsible for the construction of many of the island's canals. In 1882 the first steam locomotive operated between Dunwic St Alfred and St Grimbald South.