Redbeard's Island

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12, -56.6355, -141.1417
Redbeard's Island
Official languagesIngerish
 • Head of NationDavy Jones XIII
 • First Minister(ROP)
 • Estimate26 534
CurrencyReadbeard's Island Doubloon
(≈5.86 USD) (AOB)
Redbeard's Island
LocationSouth East Ardentic Ocean
Coordinates56.6355°S 141.1417°W
Area67.72 km²
26.15 sq mi
Aorangëa flag.svg Aorangēa
NationsAorangëa Redbeard flag.svg Redbeard's Island
Pop. density391.82/km2 (1014.81/sq mi)

Redbeard's Island came under the control of a pirate only known as "Davy Jones II" in 1772. It became AN mandate in 1920 (Aorangëa Redbeard AN flag.svg) when civil order collapsed. It was handed over to the Aorangëan Federation in 1943


The name refers to the physical appearance of the former owner of the island and was almost exclusively used as an exonym, while it was called Sunset Island by the locals. Only during the AN administration the name became widely used locally and eventually became the official name.


Road 155 from Emleyth to Seven Witches

Redbeard's Island is located in the Ardentian Ocean almost equidistant (50km) from Nao Rānga to the south east and Anglesbury to the north east. It is 20km long and 10 km wide, and has an area of 67.72 km² (26.15 sq mi).

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