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13, -14.2513, 43.8729
 • RegionProvince Redondo
Ethnic Groups
Latinians (87%), Natives (7%), Other (6%)
NationalitiesLatinans (94%), Other (6%)
 • MayorErnesto Flegonzo
 • Vice MayorBernardo Holcos
 • Totalxyz km2
 • Urbanxyz km2
 • Ruralabc km2
Elevation300 m (700 ft)
 • Estimate (2014)730 000
 • Census (2011)726 509
 • Densityxyz/km2
eyz/sq mi
Postal Code5401 - 5414
Telephone Code0541-0559
Tram18 lines

Redondo is a city in the center of Latina. The town is the capital of the province Redondo of Latina. Redondo has 726 509 inhabitants (zensus 2011). The Flag shows five bottles of wine - Redondo is the well known centre of wine in Latina.


1693 independent from the Latina-colony feeling settlers founded the town of Redondo between the Redondo Lake and the Saguset river. The new town to that time was a far outpost in land of indigene tribes. Relations with the colony of Latina at this outpoust of civilisation are only loose - so as this settlers want.

The nearest latinian troops are 200 km away at the tower of Gentofte. Therefore the people of Redondo ask at the colony of "New Holland" for shelter againt some indigene tribes. 1727 New Holland has taken over the principality of Grimoualdini and so the government in Van Pelt takes the occasion and send troops over the Sierra Grande in the valley of the Rio Saguset. The colony of Latina answered soon and so 1729 til 1735 lasted the Redondo War. After the end of the struggle was clear, that Redondo was part of Latina and no new independent colony.

Around 1700 the settlers are able, to produce wine in ths climate at 14° south after crossing vitis vinfera with an endemic wild wine plant, because in the shadow of the Sierra Grande are rain enought and the Redondo-valley lays 400 m about the sea-level. So the Wine of Redondo was well known in Latina and the colony must not import more expensiv wine.

1750 was build a small harbour at the river to transport the wine with the ship via the Rio Saguset to Saguset and Latina (Cidudad), where the wine was stored at an special port there - now in the Barrio # 9 of Latina. Around the 1850ies this shipping ended, because then the wine was transported with the railway.

From 1824 Redondo are part of the republic of Latina and now the capital of the province with the same name. Therefore in the 1820ies the new town was founded (now barrio # 2). Around 1840 the old fortifications are changed to a broad parks along the canals between the lake and the river. 1849 was founded the university of Redondo.

1851 the railway from Latina (Cidudad) reached Redondo. The first station was build at the old town, now named as "Redondo-Cidudad". 1855 was build a line from Redondo to Porto Colon, til 1911 starting from the "Eastern-station" in Barrio # 12. This closed station now is the technical museum of the town.

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In Redondo the first urban transportation was organisized as usual with horsetrams. 1896 to 1899 this lines become electric power with the system "Sprague" with 500 V DC - the most common system in Latina.

1991 the AVE-hi-speed railway reached Redondo with line # 8a, but most part of the line run over tracks with 3 rails, no independent AVE-rails. The work therefore is in construction. 1992 the AVE-line # 12 from Delta via Redondo and Scippo to Topahappan was opened and then the new station "Redondo Nuovo" was opened. Since then to "Redondo Cidudad" only run more local trains, which terminated at Redondo.

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Redondo is divided in 17 suburbs, named "barrios". Postal Code is always 540x or 541x and the number of the suburb ( always 4 numerals 5401 to 5417). Government and greater organisations have postalcodes from 5421 to maximal 5459.

Like in Latina (Cidudad) always for some barrios are local courts in service - so in Redondo there are local courts for always four or five suburbs in the center, north, south and east.

Number Name ingerish Court to city inhabitants km² density remark
1 Nuestra Señora Our Lady church center 1693 xyz abc def Oldest part of city
2 Plaza Major main place center 1791 Shopping and Commercial center
3 Lineas lines center 1840 starting
4 Obreros workers center 1855 starting
5 Opera opera house south 1860 starting
6 Jasper north 1865 starting
7 Universidad university north 1845 starting
8 Bajada descent north 1880
9 Bejocort north 1890
10 Norte north east 1855
11 Villa Cublain east 1885
12 Codo con codo side by side east 1875 the socialist anthem of the barrio
13 Este east east 1890
14 Zorro nero black fox south 1870 with the southern shopping center
15 Zorro colorado colored fox south 1885
16 Sur south south 1875
17 Lado Ravessa Ravessa side south 1880
lake area
whole town 726 509


Redondo is the heart of the land of wine in Latina ... (more text) ...


streetcar-net Redondo

Redondo has together with Scippo an national airport. Flights go to Belsante, Du Bois, Cordoba, Van Pelt and Porto Colon. To Latina (Cidudad) you can take the AVE hi-speed railway. From the town the airport can reached with the AVE-raiway-line # 12 in direction to Scippo.

Motorway # 8 from Latina (Cidudad) to Pugall leads to the town. Motorway # 18 (Delta - Topahappan) runs west of the town. Redondo is served from the primary-routes ## 31, 33 and 39. Route # 31 partly is buildt as motorway.

In Redondo terminated the railway hi-speed-line # 8 a (AVE) from Latina (Cidudad) and line # 12 stops in the town. The Rapido-lines 500, 505, 510, 590, 835 and 845 stops at Redondo. With this lines the town is an important knotpoint in the railway net of Latina.


The traffic in the town is mainly organisized with streetcars. There are 18 streetcar-lines, ## 1 to 18. Lines ## 1 to 4 and 11 to 16 runs to the old city and lines ## 1 to 10 to the main-station "Redondo-Nuovo" and the newer western center. Lines ## 17 and 18 junctioned outer suburbs. Line # 1 since 1989 runs via an old railway-trackbed in the west of the town as express-line to Bejocort. At the end of the lines are turning loops, only at the eastern end of line # 4 is a track-triangle.

There are new "short" cars of 48 m and "long" cars of 72 m for lines with denser traffic. Therefore most streetcar-depots now are 150 m long. Formerly in Gentofte (as in other towns) are shorter cars in use.

Corts in Redondo

Worth to see

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Citizens Service (What is where?)

Object ingerish Adress Barrio Remarks
Cortes de Provincia provincial parliament 20, Palmaille # 4
Cortes superiores Provincial high-court of the province 201, Calle los Cortes # 2
Cortes superiores Cidudad high-court ot the town 151, Calle los Cortes #2
Cortes locales centro local court central 151, Calle los Cortes # 2
Cortes locales este local court east 10, Calle el Amor # 10
Cortes locales sur local court south 10, Ronda Charreau # 14
Cortes locales norte local court north 51, Avenida Gentofte # 7
Ayuntamento del Cidudad Town Hall Plaza Major Este # 2 also Ayuntamento for Barrio # 2
Commedia Theater comedique
Hogar por Animalos Animal shelter 400, Avenida Brataglyf # 14
Jardin Botanico Botanic Garden 160, Avenida Botanico # 12
Objetos Perdidos lost and found 35, Calle Tacitus # 7
Opera 71, Avenida del Opera # 5
Pinacoteka Art Gallery 135, Avenida del Opera # 5
Philharmony Concert hall 75, Avenida Botanico # 12
Teatro del Cidudad main theather
Universidad (Centro) main buildung university 5, Plaza del Universidad #7
Jadin Zoologic Zoo 500, Calle la Ley # 11


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