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Z11, 63.2672 °N, 51.8206 °E
Triple City of Gaffelsbyen
Riffezaad, Gäfjorstäd

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Country Altavia, Bloregia and Uskarländ
Population 600 000 (2017)

Gaffelsbyen (Bloregian: Riffezaad, Uskarländic: Gaferstäd) is an urban area divided between Altavia, Uskarländ and Bloregia. It is located at the junction of the international boundary rivers Bear River and Wolverine River. The city has approx. 0,6 million inhabitants divided more or less evenly between the three countries.

City name(s)

The oldest name of the city is the Altavian Gaffelsbyen (meaning "Fork City"). The Bloregian and Uskarländic translations, as well as the Altavian name, refer officially to the three municipalities in the respective countries, but all three names are also used when refering to the urban area as a whole. The official Ingerish name for the entire city is The Triple City of Gaffelsbyen, while the Altavian side is called Municipality of Gaffelsbyen. In everyday speech, the inofficial names "Triple City" and "Gaffelsbyen Proper" are used frequently.


The city was founded in the medieval era as an Altavian fortress. Later, the area was occupied by and remained part of Eäßnordælånd for a long time. In the 20th century war, Gaffelsbyen was reoccupied by the Altavians, but after complex multi-party peace negotiations it was divided between three different countries. In the recent decennia, it has become a symbol for the peaceful union between the three countries and a model example of seamless international cooperation on multiple levels.


Municipality of Gaffelsbyen (Altavia)

Municipality of Riffezaad (Bloregia)

Municipality of Gaferstäd (Uskarländ)