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River-system of Latina

The Rio Norte (northern river) is the greatest, but not the longest river in Latina. The river flow roughly in north to southern direction over 700 km and mounded in Latina (Cidudad) in the sea. His first part in the north is a long valley. Then the river flow through the canyon of the Porta Ferra and along the city of Mendoza. In Latina (Cidudad) he is broad nearly 2 km.

At his side run the motorway # 4 from Latina (Cidudad) and the hi-speed-railway line # 4, both from Latina (Cidudad) to the northern frontier.

North of the Porta Ferra are only two greater rivers, which flow in the river Norte, both near Applegarden in short distance north of the Porta Ferra - the Rio Esquedra (left river) from the west and the Rio Derecha (right river) from the east.

South of Porta Ferra the Montes Griseldis in the west makes the watershed to the Rio Guimbras. This mountains are too the boundary between the provinces of Rio Norte and Guimbras. From the Rio Norte to the Montes Griseldis only are 20 to 35 km, so at the western side of Rio Norte only the Rio Mendoza has place for his valley.

Most of water to the Rio Norte becomes the river from the eastern side. The watershed to the east are the Sierra Grande, the Great Range. From north to the south this rivers are:

  • Rio San Giovanni with Rio Once
  • Rio Bravo, runing through Givullion and Lupo Blanco and taking the water from the seas in Mil Ojes. At Guvillion is only a small range, that divided the Rio Bravo from Rio San Giovanni - from river to river are only 5 km.
  • Rio Oriente, the greatest river, that flow in the Rio Norte. Three rivers come together in Topahappan and from there it is the Rio Oriente. Greatest river flowing in the Rio Oriente is the Rio Schnewittchen, flowing throgh Gentofte and near Schneewittchen in the Rio Oriente
  • Rio Henares with the Rio Forlan

South of the Rio Henares and the Rio Schneewittchen is the watershed to the Rio Saguset, which flow at Saguset in the sea. This watershed is not hight and at some places undefined in the great plain of Llanura los Gauados.