Rio Saguset

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River-system of Latina

The Rio Saguset (Saguset river) is not the greatest, but with more then 800 km the longest river of Latina. His source is east of the Lago Unicorn in the Sierra Grande near the small town of Fuente Saguset 10, -13.8414, 46.2621. From the Lago Unicorn the river flow western and through the Lago Redondo, then northern and through the Lago Veronica and western again to Saguset south of Latina (Cidudad) and in the sea.

Greatest river into the Rio Saguset on the northside is the Rio Scippo from the city of Scippo, which flow in the Lago Veronica. From southern side is this first the Rio San Mattheo, coming from the northern part of the Sierra Levante and then the Rio Ravessa, which flow in the Lago Redondo.

Watershed is in the north the flat Llanura los Guados against the Rio Norte, in the east the Sierra Grande. In the southeast the watershed is the range around the Mesa Tintoand in the south the Sierre Levante. The rivers at the northside of the Sierra Levante flow in the Rio Saguset or Rio San Mattheo, the small rivers on the southside directly in the sea.

Between 1750 and 1850 the river was used to transport the wine from the area of Redondo to Latina (Cidudad) and needed goods to Redondo at the voyage back.