Royal Wiwax University

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OGFmapicon.png 29.5544 N, 122.9063 E
Royal Wiwax University
Royal Wiwax University Seal
"Sapere aude (Latin)"
Dare To Be Wise
 • CityWiwaxmouthe
 • ChancellorMary Lane Cready
 • Undergraduate15,200
 • Postgraduate6,400
ColoursRoyal Blue
AthleticsWiwax Whippets

Royal Wiwax University, founded in 1672 under the patronage of Queen Eglantine II, is Wiwaxia's largest institution of higher learning.


The university includes the Colleges of Philosophy, Physics and Liberal Arts and Sciences.

Other Important Buildings

The Observatory was built by famed astronomer Lydia Inglass in 1801. The Bathsheba Church, with its huge stained glass windows and delicate columns and arches, is one of Wiwaxmouthe's architectural gems, dating from 1674.

Famous Graduates

Famous graduates include a wide range of politicians, businesswomen and academics, including Prime Minister Jemima Winterstreet; Maria Lady Dacres, founder of Dacres Department Store; Herbert University Chancellor Nancy Ralphs, actor Halvard Scholfield; and many more.

University High School

University High School, established in 1798, is administered by the university and is among the city's most competitive.

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