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The Ruerguesado is a province and historical region of the Principality of Vega, in the southeast part of the country. The capital city is Ruerguia, eighth city by population of the country and an important market in the old ages.

Flag of Ruerguesado


The Ruerguesado has boundaries with the provinces of Tierras de Bolduque (north), Valdecorneja (northwest), Victoria (west) and Ciudad de Vega (south west), as well as with the Helios Sea to the east.

Until the end of 2014, the Ruerguesado was administratively a region of the principality with four provinces (Arberana, Canellón, Ruerguia and Santa María del Mar) but the central government simplified the organization of the state and merged the four provinces into one.

The Ruerguesado is a relatively flat, more hilly in the interior and some areas in the north coast (Colinas de Bezares) and south coast (Cortada de Esmoriz, Colina de Gondesande), with some mountains in the north, where the Arsués River forms a canyon in the area called Hoces del Arsués. The main river is the Ruer, tributary of the Vega River (near Vega), that runs from north to south through Ruerguia and Barcelona; other important river is the Arsués. There are also small lakes in the south, Adrás and San Lucas.


The population of the province is 2,608,960 inhabitants (the fourth most populated), and its area is 5,857 km2 (the fourth smallest), making it one of the most densely populated (445.44 inhabitants per km2), most of them living in the Vega Metropolitan Area, which includes the south of the province, and cities such as Ruerguia, Santa María del Mar, Cortegaza, Barcelona de Ruer or Esmoriz.

Largest cities or towns in the Ruerguesado:

Rank Name Population
1 Ruerguia 261,856
2 Santa María del Mar 233,014
3 Cortegaza 160,530
4 Barcelona de Ruer 114,711
5 Canellón 97,210
6 Esmoriz 74,025
7 Gartella 73,998
8 Práteda 62,331
9 Riva de Santa Marta 58,414
10 Arberana de la Torre 52,300



Several highways of the National Highway Network of the principality run on the province, communicating the main urban areas. This network is completed with the complementary Provincial Highway Networks:

Highway From/To Section
 A3  Vega - Tedra Near Gartella
 A4  Vega - Córdoba Between Vega and the provincial limit near Lox
 A5  Vega - Canellón Vega - Canellón
 A8  Puerto Victoria - Della Valdebarco de Ruer - Della
 A10  Ring of Vega North and East sections
 A41  Vega - Valdebarco de Ruer
 A51  Herrera - Santa María del Mar
 A52  Santa María del Mar - Ruerguia
 A97  Acceso al Aeropuerto de Vega

Main Regional Highway Network distribute the traffic around and inside the metropolitan area, and connect cities with the closest capitals, and there is an extensive network of primary and secondary roads.


The International Airport of Vega is the main airport of the country. It is located in the municipality of Práteda, just 15 km far from Vega City Center and near the main cities in the metropolitan area. Covers both national and international destinations.

Train infrastructure

The train infrastructure is very dense and includes high speed railway with services to Ruerguia, Santa María del Mar, Airport and Arberana, among other minor stops. The southern network is integrated in the metropolitan services of the city of Vega.

Metro and Tram

Santa María del Mar has a light rail network, with a line connecting the Helios Park, the train station, the centre and Playa Azul. Ruerguia has plans to build a light rail network and Barcelona, La Boca and Punta San Mateo may integrate in Metro de Vega in the future.