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Sadikady has 25 Neighborhoods.

Neighborhoods of Sadikady
Neighborhood Name Population (2018) Area (miles) Density (population/square mile) GDP Per Capita RW Inspiration
Downtown SaKa 12,764 1.33 9,597 $36,000
Over-the-Winns 24,845 1.35 18,404 $56,000
The Pitts 10,237 1.42 7,209 $20,000
Thunderton 9,576 1.21 7,914 $33,000
Isopec 22,676 1.71 13,261 $62,000 Tyson's Corner, VA
Ramshorn 17,512 1.72 10,181 $37,000
Lower Hose Gardens 3,900 0.95 4,105 $24,000
West Hose 12,008 2.03 5,915 $18,000
Opingahokee 12,098 1.98 6,110 $17,000
Braide 27,452 2.37 11,583 $11,000
Hose Gardens 3,716 1.23 3,021 $41,000
Green Hose 5,118 1.60 3,199 $26,000
Northend 17,683 1.61 10,983 $10,000
Delaney Heights 7,132 2.00 3,566 $15,000
Froggy Bottom 18,054 1.14 15,837 $14,000 Bergen-Lafayette, NJ
Whitehead 11,554 1.87 6,179 $10,000 Olde Towne East, OH
McClung 972 2.86 340 $20,000 City of Industry, CA
Greenville 11,520 2.87 4,014 $11,000 Sunnyside, TX
North Greenville 22,093 2.37 9,322 $8,000 West Side, Newark, NJ
Bordertown 18,219 1.71 10,654 $7,000 Springfield-Belmont, NJ
Epping 15,741 2.74 5,745 $31,000 Sterling, VA
Tushwakana 12,471 2.59 4,815 $27,000 Brockton, MA
Deadhorse Ranch 7,397 2.96 2,499 $82,000 Barton Hills, TX
Pavard 6,280 2.23 2,816 $101,000
Carnley Park 9,741 3.20 3,044 $36,000
Sadikady 320,759 49.06 6,538 $28,205 Newark, NJ and Cincinnati, Ohio

Sadikady can be broken up into five Greater neighborhoods that really define the culture of a part of the city seeing as most neighborhoods in the city barely cover 2 square miles. Many of these neighborhoods overlap as their more cultural disticntions than actual distinctions. The neighborhoods are:

SaKa/City Centre- Isopec, Downtown (SaKa), Thunderton, The Pitts, Over-The-Winns, Ramshorn and Froggy Bottom

Southwest/South Central Colsex (SCC)- McClung, Greenville, North Greenville, Bordertown, Whitehead, Epping, Tushwakana and Froggy Bottom

Greater Chase/Far North- Carnley Park, Deadhorse Ranch, Pavard, Tushwakana, Epping

Near North/Braide-Ramshorn- Braide, Ramshorn, Opingahokee, West Hose, Hose Gardens, Green Hose, Northend, Delaney Heights

Hose Corridor/The Hose- Green Hose, Hose Gardens, West Hose, Lower Hose Gardens

All of these neighborhoods have their stereotypes as well: The City Centre is known for having extremes. The Pitts is literally the pits as it's the armpit of the district as well as Froggy Bottom. Although both have some gentrification. Ramshorn is an impressive shopping area but it often has shady customers due to it's proximity to Braide, Thunderton being directly across from SCC also has similar clientele as wella s being a trainstop from Froggy Bottom. Downtown has occasional violent crime near The Pitts side but is overall less shady than The Pitts or Thunderton and definitely safer than the Froggy Bottom area, Over-The-Winns and the part of Downtown adjacent to it is were the true Urbanites of Sadikady live, this area is the most Manhattan in appearance and has a pretty impressive scope of true density.It is also a highly respected area. Due to Downtown being sandwiched between two declining areas in various stages of Gentrification, Isopec developed on the border of City of Chase. It is a all in one urban area that covers some of the important entertainment options that downtown misses and is the third densest neighborhood in the entire city.

The SCC or SW is just known as "were you go to get shot", it is always competing with the Braide-Ramshorn area for which part of the city is just outright more hood, and no real contest it completely dominates the rest of the city. Greenville is slightly less hood than Bordertown is only slightly less hood than North Greenville which is only slightly less hood than Whitehead. Froggy Bottom is still a hood but with it's high density of apartments and proximity to both Isopec and Downtown it is slowly but surely turning around. Epping and north Tushwakana are the best examples of Hood-Adjacent, those who don't know the areas associate them with the hood, some might just associate the entire city with the hood, but their is actually a semi prosperous middle class to lower middle class community in both of these areas. The Froggy Bottom area as part of the high density City Centre but also having lots of typical cheap hood apartment complexes, combines well for the second densest neighborhood in the city.