Scythe of Uletha

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5, 49.397, 149.150
The Scythe of Uletha
 • Census (2018)40,938,319

The Scythe of Uletha is a chain of island nations encompassing the easternmost point of Uletha. Main islands are OGFmapicon.png Merga, OGFmapicon.png Norsda, OGFmapicon.png Scytha, tbd, tbd, tbd, OGFmapicon.png Newrick, Neutra. The nations located on the Scythe are, from west to east: Wyster, UL042, Mergany, Älgert, Hamilton, Ablecia, Arcantonie, Helvetiany, Горнодия (Gornodia), Synergetische Union, Justinique, Mauruistien, Byórn, Dautrayautt, Dustmark and Østermark.

The islands are surrounded by the Darcodian Sea, the Gulf of Volta and the Valian Sea of the Ardentic Ocean. Some countries within the Scythe are united under the Scythian Union.

The Scythe of Uletha on the map