Smirnov Net

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Smirnov Net
Traded asSMI
FoundedApril 1, 1973; 47 years ago
FounderAlexander Smirnov
HeadquartersNovygrosh, Smetshktrov, ZS flag.png Uzkesh
Area Served ZS flag.png Uzkesh
Key PeopleAlexander Smirnov, CEO
Production Output4,500
Number of employees4,400

Smirnov Net also simply called Smirnov is a internet providing company located in Beregorod, Uzkesh, founded by Alexander Smirnov in 1973, is one of the msot important and richer companies in all Uzkesh below Tayla. With more than 800,000 customers, is the most used company in Uzkesh, and the most important internet company in Uzkesh.


Alexander Smirnov was a cientific and mathematican that worked for the DSRC Network, wich will later become the first interconnection system of Uzkesh in 1973, based on a similar project developed in Freetown, Commonia.