Southern Uletha Economic Cooperation Council

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Southern Uletha Economic Cooperation Council
Alternate Name(s):
Intergovernmental Organization headquartered in GobrassanyaFlag01.png Gobrassanya
Address 601 Capitol Blvd. S.
Gobras City, National Capital District, Gobrassanya
General Information
Year Founded 1995
Number of Members TBD
Council President TBD
Council Vice President TBD
Director of Administration TBD

The Southern Uletha Economic Cooperation Council, commonly known by its Ingerish acronym SUECC, is an intergovernmental organization promoting increased economic integration across southern Uletha and adjacent islands. Founded in 1995, its headquarters are located in Gobras City, Gobrassanya.

For the most part, SUECC has confined itself to modest cooperation initiatives, such as facilitating trade by streamlining regulations and reducing tariffs, encouraging increased investment throughout the region, and hosting summits on issues such as infrastructure development and environmental sustainability. The organization's 20th annual leadership conference was held in Khaiwoon in 2015.

Member states

SUECC membership is open to any country which considers itself part of southern Uletha or neighboring southern Uletha.

As of 2015, member states included:

Observer states

As of 2015, observer nations included:


SUECC headquarters in Gobras City
SUECC was founded in Gobras City in 1995, at an economic summit of heads of government from throughout the region. The leaders agreed to form an organization addressing regional economic issues and to commit to future meetings on a regular basis. Since that time, SUECC heads of government have met once a year for a leadership summit held in one of the member states, and economic ministers have met twice yearly at SUECC headquarters in Gobras City. Over the years, these forums have evolved into an important opportunity for regional discussions on a wide range of issues.


Initiatives of SUECC include promoting increased commerce throughout Southern Uletha, simplifying and standardizing economic regulations where feasible, cutting tariffs and other barriers to trade where agreement is possible among member states, and facilitating intergovernmental communication on other issues which impact the regional economy, such as transportation and communication. SUECC has also supported integration efforts among smaller groups of member states within the region, such as the Gobras Peninsula Free Trade Agreement on the Gobras Peninsula.


SUECC has earned a mixed reputation among the citizens of its member countries, having been variously accused of irrelevance as well as overstepping its role. Gobrassian columnist Dana Edwough described the organization as "a sad excuse for all the SUECC leaders to fly to a new country every year and drink themselves silly"; while on the other end of the spectrum a wide range of conspiracy theorists have accused SUECC of everything from plotting to abolish national currencies to establishing a supranational government, neither of which SUECC has ever publicly discussed.

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