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Net of Stanton Southern Link

Terminals in Stanton

The commuter railway lines of Stanton are served from two companies. For the northern and western direction the Stanton Northern Commuter starts from the Union Station. For the southern and southwestern direction the Stanton Southern Link served its lines from the Southern Station.

From Southern Station several lines connected Stanton with Belleville and cities in New Colsex County like Sadikady or Colsex City or some counties of New Carnaby. Few lines terminated in the state of Arghenna.

  • 1) Southern Station - Belleville City - Stone Cape
  • 2) Southern Station - Belleville Main - Partstone - Wynntethla
  • 3) Southern Station - Belleville Main - Scorched Plains - Isopec - Sadicady
  • 4) Southern Station - Collieville - Scorched Plain - Isopec - Sadicady
  • 5) Southern Station - Collieville - Scorched Plain - Isopec - Hirvington - Laguarde (*)
  • 6) Southern Station - Collieville - Scorched Plain - Isopec - Dredford
  • 7) Southern Station - Collieville - Tolliver - Currys Ferry - Orpelton
  • 8) Southern Station - Southcross - Tommanny - Doorham - Colsex City - Colton - Beaver Rapids (*)
  • 9) Southern Station - Southcross - Tommanny - Doorham - Haddon Bend
  • 10) Southern Station - Southcross - Tommanny - South Kerringly - Ox Island
  • 11) Southern Station - Southcross - National Airport - Bourdon - Sequintosh (*) -Hurlington (Beaver County)
  • 12) Southern Station - Southcross - National Airport - Bourdon - Albin - XXX (Arghenna)
  • 13) Southern Station - Southcross - Incle - Sloppers Junction - Wesley Bridge - XXX (Arghenna)

Line 15 is a crossline in Colsex County between Colsex City and Isopec

(*) At this stations you have a connection to the commuter-trains of Waltmore, often with thrugoing trains.

At Sloppers Junction you can choose, if you will reach the Union station or the Southern Station with a commuter railway.

City loop

Both station are connected with the line "A", the "City Loop" - the green line on the graphic. The "City-Loop" serves in first line the neighborhoods on its way and connected them with both stations. This line is served from both companies.

To get on short way from Union Station to Southern Station it is better to take subway-line 10. Planes are made, to connect both main railway stations with a tunnel with 4 tracks for the commuter-lines parallel to subway-line 10 with a stop at 19th Street. Then the terminating lines of both companies can be bound through. The subway-line 10 then will be not more so heavy overcrowded and commuter-passengers save time, to get in midtown Manheart. The costs are estimated with 4 000 000 000 $.


Between the national and the international airports a special connection is in use with trains to carry more luggage as usual. This line can be seen in yellow on the map. This "Airport-Shuttle" is a special offer for airplane passengers, changing from an inlandflight to international destinations and vice-versa. This line can be used with the metro-card of Stanton. This trains dayover run all 30 minutes. Between Vollaby and Tosterglope this trains use own tracks without stop at Preston or Bronzeville. You may carry with you so many luggage as you can carry, because this trains allow to store more luggage as the other commuter-trains in Stanton. To get from the both airports to the city with the "blue" or "red" lines, you can use the regulary Metro-card or the normal single-ride-ticket to 2.75 $, because both airports are in the city limits. From the national airport runs a line to the Southern Station and from the international airport you get at Union Station to the inner city.


Inside the city limits of Stanton you can ride with the normal Metro-Card (see Stanton Subway), outside of the town the fare is bound at the distance. Sure to the both railwy stations the commuter trains are faster as the subway, but in the peakhours the commuter-trains easy are overcrowded.