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12, 31.9621, 121.3761
 • RegionWaptia County
Location of Starkadder in Wiwaxia
Location of Starkadder in Wiwaxia
Ethnic Groups
Wiwaxians (94%), Other (6%)
NationalitiesWiwaxians (90%), Ataraxians (5%), Kojolese (4%) Other (1%)
 • MayorBerthe Gander

Starkadder is a city in northern Wiwaxia. The population of the metropolitan area is 340,000. It is the seat for County Waptia.

Starkadder Metropolitan Area


Starkadder grew up around the original holdings of the Countess of Starkadder, who was a rival to the Countess of Murthwaite, some 100 kilometers to the north. Stones from the original fortress, built c. 1650 by Countess Almira, were used to build Starkadder Hall in 1748. Much of central Starkadder dates from this time.

Places of Interest

Along with Starkadder Hall, the Lambsbreath Church dominates the center of the city, with its belltower, the tallest spire in Wiwaxia at 106 meters high. To the north lies the Abbey of the Sisters of St. Elphine, which dates from c. 1640, making it the oldest section of the city. West of the city center lie the Great Cistern Baths, known for its elaborate mosaics in the women’s steam baths, which were restored to great effect in 1991. The mill by Littlebranch Pond is one of few surviving in a city center in Wiwaxia. In the northwest, the Harkaway Esplanade, built during the first great expansion of the city in the mid 1800s, is a prime example of Neo-Classical architecture, with unbroken façades of elegant apartments. Other notable spots are both Merchant Square and Murther Square.

Harkaway Esplanade


The Harkaway Auditorium is home both to the Conservatory Orchestra and the Starkadder City Opera.


The Harkaway Conservatory of Music, located on South Harkaway Circus at the bottom of the esplanade, is ranked behind only the Conservatory of the Royal Music Society in Wiwaxmouthe for music education in Wiwaxia. Dolour Hospital, founded in 1875, is one of Wiwaxia’s premier teaching hospitals with its prestigious medical school. The St. Elphine Sisters School, with its forbidding entrance, was long the chosen school for Wiwaxia’s future queens, well into the mid-1900s. It still attracts the daughters of many of Wiwaxia’s historically prominent families.


Starkadder is served by the Willmore-Murthwaite Expressway R401. Markham, Murthwaite and Cape Angkatell trains go to and from the Abbey Station, with connections to cities and towns east and south, as well as west to Ataraxia. Delvile International Airport, roughly midway between Murthwaite and Starkadder, provides service to all cities in Wiwaxia as well as many cities in Uletha.

Cold Comfort Farm

Originally outside the city, Cold Comfort Farm was a country estate of the Countess of Starkadder. A section of the farm was turned into a public park when the growing city annexed the area in the 1830s to build badly needed housing. The original farmhouse now holds the city’s Department of Parks; the original kitchen and scullery still exist in the basement, and can be viewed by special appointment.