Strait of Lyc

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Strait of Lyc

The Strait of Lyc is a connection between the Hesperic Ocean and the Asperic Ocean roughly at 25° South. This strait divided the continents of Tarephia (in the north) and Antarephia (in the south).

In a closer sense the strait is the smallest part in the middle, where the strait is only broad 50 km. In a greater sense it is the shipping-route thrugh the Sound of Baudry, the Strait of Lyc, the Capricorn Sea and the Slanting Sea.

The strait is long 2.500 km between the Sea of Thul (at the western end) and the Bahia Latina (at the eastern end). The ship-route goes like the letter V, so that the straight line is only 2.000 km.

Important harbour in the east is Overgest (Thul) and in the west Cordoba, Saguset and Belsante (all in Latina). The strait is an important shipping-route between the western coastline of Tarephia or Antarephia with the Asperic Ocean.

Under the strait runs a railway tunnel between both continents (between Lincourt in Beaudry and French Point in Vidipurpula).

International Organizations

The Lycene League is the international community for the nations in the Lycene region.