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12, -32.5866, 136.0080
East from the intersection of Rice Avenue and Vista Avenue in Stuart Center
CountryFlag of the FSA.svg Federal States
 • StateFLAGTAU.png Tauhon
 • CountyStuart
Elevation24 m (80 ft)
 • Estimate (2015)914,855
Telephone Code414
MetroJundah Metro Rail

Stuart is a large, primarily suburban, city in Tauhon, Federal States. The second most populous city in Tauhon, it serves as the seat of Stuart County. Stuart is located on the south side of the Stuart River, across from Jundah. The city occupies a series of mostly flat valleys between the San Bernardo and San Felipe Rivers, which mark the city's western and eastern borders, respectively. While Downtown Stuart was historically a densely populated village and port, its present-day borders have been extended several miles south and east of the city center in a series of annexations. From the 1960s to the present day, suburban sprawl has contributed heavily to Stuart's rapid growth, both in terms of population and land area.

Stuart consists mostly of zoned residential communities and industrial areas, and it has a fairly large economy in manufacturing, technology, and healthcare. Stuart is home to GreenBank Park, the largest sports stadium in Tauhon, and Jundah-Stuart Intercontinental Airport, the region's primary airport. The city's Rosemont neighborhood is a national hub for the healthcare and biomedical industries and is home to institutions such as Jundah University Medical Center and Ellicott Cancer Center.


As the largest city in Tauhon by land area, Stuart contains a diverse range of landscapes and neighborhoods.

The neighborhoods of East Stuart, Briarfield, East Briarfield, Robbins Park, Soundview, and Glenhaven are collectively referred to as "The Grid," due to their placement on a grid-like network of roads. The Grid is the most urbanized area of Stuart besides Downtown, and it contains the majority of the city's Jundah Metro Rail stations.

The city of Arlington Arbor lies entirely within Stuart, although it is governed independently.