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Flag of Tara

Tara is a small country in the southeastern part of the continent Tarephia with an area of 25.793 km². To the east the Central Ocean and to the south and the west Latina. The capital of Tara is New Dublin.


Tara has .... inhabitants. 67 % of them are roman-catholic.


President since 2001 is John O'Higgins, from 1987 til 1991 and 1995 til 2001 the president of Latina.

Towns in Tara


1496 landed Bernard Van Pelt at Collina Island (formerly New Leyden). He founded the colony of New Holland with the capital New Amsterdam (now Van Pelt City). After some times this colony reaches from New Dublin til Pugall at the whole eastcoast of Latina and included the province of "Rio Liffey", what now is Tara. In this area many irish people have settled there.

1777 the colony of New Holland declare her independence from the "motherland" by the occasion, that there were social struggles. The provinces Rio Liffey, Holland and Valle Vulpeculo (with many latinian settlers) founded the "Republic of Southland" with the city of "Van Pelt" (formerly New Amsterdam) as capital. The province of Monte Golario was taken over from troops of Latina.

In the summer of 1799 the war of independence in Latina begun. The colony of New Holland send troops over the mountains from Tara too and at sea to help the fighting latinian people. This war ended 1918 and Tara was independent like the other provinces of Latina and New Holland. 1824 both colonies (Latina and New Holland) they united to the independent land "Latina" to be stronger together against the old "motherlands". From this reason the provinces at the eastcoast (Tara, Holland, Valle Vulpeculo, Grimoualdini and Monte Golario) have a little other touch as the greater part of Latina.

Long years Tara was a part of Latina - but ever in the "poor" northeastern edge. So came one to the other and some religious differences with the Gouvernement in Latina makes the rest. At the end the province of Tara 2001 become an independent country and is now no more a part of Latina.


From north to the south along the coast run the motorway # 1, formerly the motorway # 19 of Latina. The northern route ends at the small border town of Fronterizo. In the south this route leads to the cities of Van Pelt and Porto Colon. To New Dublin too leads the hi-speed-railway-line # 13 of the latinian railway from Van Pelt. Both infrastructure was build, as Tara was still part of Latina.