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So I need to talk about a lot of things;

1. Artenia's Population

2. Artenia's Economy & Global Effects

3. Artenia's Growth and What I Should Make Artenia's Growth Based On

4. Something That Makes Artenia Stand Out

5. Artenia's Government

So I have planned out a lot for Artenia's future.

1. Artenia focused a lot on motorways and cars, but now there is a HUGE push for public transportation and biking.

2. Artenia has a democratic government with a just system. (One of the best in the OpenGeoFiction world)

3. Artenia has a first-world USA-like life. Everything is copied off of Arizona--huge infrastructure builds, lots of desert, and sprawling suburbs.

But I still need help on gathering quantitative data so I can have a proper Wiki page.

1. Artenia's cities and their highlights

2. Artenia's important historical events

3. Artenia's population, states, geography, etc.

Thanks for listening in! State what changes you want made and tell me what you think! After all this is the talk section. Talk about it!

Hey there -- it looks like you borrowed the formatting from Al-Kaza's wiki page to set your page up for Artenia, but forgot to delete some of the information. Can you replace the text about my country with some dummy text, please? Thank you! --Louis walker (talk) 04:13, 10 September 2019 (CEST)