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Tigeria Sandbox

OGF User's Quick Guide to Flag of Tigeria.png Tigeria
Official Name Tigerine Republic
Demonym Tigerine
Administrative Divisions Governorates (7)
  • Ingerish
  • Franquese
  • Tigerine
  • Meilanese
  • Imperial Babelic
Climate ☀ Tropical
Currency Tare (※)
Economic Status Transitioning Economy (Developing Nation)
Economic Sectors Financial Services, Energy, Agriculture, Tourism
International Organizations
Immigrant Population Percentage TBD
Immigrant Countries of Origin
  • Broceliande (TBD%)
  • Ünglend (TBD%)
  • Kotel (TBD%)
  • Bélice (TBD%)
Major Suppliers [Add your countries here]
Exports Pineapples, Rice, Soybeans, Sugar
Major Consumers [Add your countries here]
International Airports ✈ Hexagonia City Bassam, Tigris
Countries with Flight Connections ✈ [Add your countries here]
Ports ⛴ Hexagonia City
Countries with Shipping Connections ⛴
Diplomatic Relations
  • Flag of Kotel.png Kotel
  • [Add your countries here]

Real-World Geographic Inspiration

Size: Belgium; Maryland (U.S.)
Regions: Cinq Îles - Hong Kong; Bergeronneau - Altiplano
Mountain Ranges: Tigerine Mountains - Cordillera Oriental and Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta (Colombia)

  • (Possibly the southernmost reach and/or branch of a great mountain range across Tarephia?)

People: Tigerines - Herero people (Namibia) + influences from other African ethnic groups and/or the African diaspora

OGF Regional Influences on Tigeria

  • Meilan/Commonia: Historic forts which line the Tigris River approximately every twenty miles; the cities of Linshanford, Meilinmen, Jixiang, and Chingming
  • Broceliande: the Lake Kostel region; cities and geographic features in Bergeronneau governorate, western Haxiwen governorate, and Cinq Îles governorate; monuments to historic Franqueterre
  • Federal States of Archanta: Hexagonia City and Hexagonia Geothermal Field
  • Soboko and Allendea: pending further development on the map and more information about these nations in the wiki

Diplomatic Relations

Link: Request diplomatic relations with Tigeria

Please follow the link above and complete the "Diplomatic Relations" tab; I will refer to it to know where to reserve land for you so you can map your embassy or other building. Chazeltine (talk) 21:45, 11 April 2020 (CEST)

(Your diplomatic relations will automatically include Kotel, Inxigne, and Meilan)

Tigeria is both a middle power and a protecting power. This means Tigeria has significant influence in its region and represents other sovereign states where those states do not have their own diplomatic representation.

In practice, nations that establish diplomatic relations with Tigeria will do one or more of the following:

  • Have an embassy in one of the three embassy districts in Meilinmen
  • Have a mission to the Assembly of Nations in Hexagonia City serve as an embassy to Tigeria
  • Accredit an ambassador of another nation to Tigeria

Protecting Power Mandates of Tigeria



Hexagonia City

(Missions to the Assembly of Nations serving as embassies to Tigeria)

Representative Offices

(For international organizations and unrecognized states)

Consulates-General and Consulates

Hexagonia City

Accredited Embassies

(Most likely through the embassies at Valoris, Broceliande; Saviso, Vodeo; or Latina City, Latina; but other nations may be appropriate)