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Taparello is a city at the eastcoast of Latina, 50 km southeast of Porto Colon. Taparello has 649 691 inhabitants. The city is an own canton in the province of Valle Vulpeculo. The postal-code is 7141 - 7149, telephon-code is - as for Porto Colon - 071. The car-plate for the city is "VV-T".

On map see please at 12, -13.2044, 49.3029


Taperello was founded 1509 as a fishing harbour at the northcoast of the gulf of Porto Colon. Most of the inhabitants are from italisk speaking orign. Because is was nearer to the sea as from Porto Colon, the founder had the hope, to make the town to an harbour as Porto Colon or greater. But centuries the town lay in the shadow of Porto Colon, who has the better connection to the hinterland and become the most important harbour of the southern part of the former colony of New Holland. This old city now lay with the walls around in the middle of the modern harbour.

As the railway come to Porto Colon, the town of Taparello still lay in the sleep. Not before 1869 the first railway-line was build from the northern station of Porto Colon. This line must make a bow around the barrio of Fuente Blanca in Porto Colin, because in the direct way meanwhile lay a part of the city of Porto Colon. First greater devellopment are the tourists infrastructure at the beaches near Taparello in the 1890ies. But this was only a short blossom. From 1900 beginning the seaside of Taperello was in thought for make a part of the harbour of Porto Colon. This works start 1905. Now the bassins 16 to 22 for the harbour of Porto Colon lay in Taparello.

From 1900 starting Taparello takes the people, who work in the new harbour or which want cheaper houses or flats as in Porto Colon. Between 1900 and 1930 the area of Taparello changed from green meadows, fields and wood to an urban area, 38 km along the seaside and 5 to 10 km in the land. All streets from the sea to the land gets numbers from 1 to 200. Parallel to the sea run the national road # 90 and in the middle of the town a broad Avenue, the "Espina Dorsal", means the backbone.


Taparello is near related with Porto Colon. But til today it is an own city. Therefore the town has the nickname "little sister" (of Porto Colon). To connect the both sides of the harbour, a railway-tunnel for freight traffic is opened in 1985 and now a new tunnel for a connecting motorway (# 29) is in construction and will be opened in four years.


The AVE-hi-speed railway # 7 from Latina (Cidudad) to Porto Colon runs through Porto Colon to Taparello-Centro. Too some other railway-lines started in Taparello-Sur and runs via Porto Colon in other parts of Latina.

Main connection is the cercania (commuter railway) with several lines to Porto Colon. In Taparello this line has nearly the function of a metro-line with stations at Calle 5, Norte (Calle 13), Calle 20, Vejo (Calle 37), Centro (Calle 54), Eneldo (Calle 73), San Lorenzo (Calle 88), Calle 106, Calle 125, Calle 137, Sur (Calle 154), Calle 170, Avenida 184 and Calle 197. From this main-line to Cabo Fuentes at Taparello-Centro runs the branch-line to Playa Atlantico with the stations Museo, Este and Calle 102 in Taparello.

Taparello has for the local transportation a net of 7 streetcar-lines (## 30 to 36), from which the line # 30 runs at the coastline to Porto Colon with connection with the metro-line # 3 of Porto Colon and line # 32 to the ferry-pier of Playa Blanka.

Ferries stars from different places in Taparello to Porto Colon at the opposite shore of the bay.


For only roundabout 650 000 inhabitants Taparello is very succesful in the first football league of Latina with two clubs

  • Taparello rats - last season the fourth place with the stadium at the Calle 155
  • FC Taparello - last season on place 17 with the stadium at the northern station (Calle 13)

Worth to see

Taparello is a harbour town of more prosaic design. Nevertheless of interest are

  • the old town with the walls around, the monastery, the palace and the great synagogue (streetcar # 33)
  • the museums-quarter (streetcar ## 30 to 36, cercania "Museo" with the line to Playa Atlantico)
  • San Gabriel church (Calle 55, streetcar # 35, cercania Taparello-Centro)
  • the Italisk Opera (Calle 141, streetcars ## 32 and 32, Cercania Calle 137)
  • the new Cine-Complex (Calle 144, streetcars ## 32 and 34) for historic and new films
  • the beach south of Calle 170 - northern end of the beach of Playa Blanco