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13, 12.427, 1.587
Jade Coast Metropolitan Area
(clockwise from top left) Neverstill Falls, Hundred Cascades, Tarkenton; One Darkwater Plaza, Ferngable; View from the Grande Corniche toward the Hesperic Ocean, Hundred Cascades, Tarkenton; Tesseract Financial, Ltd. Tower, Tarkenton CBD.
 • ParishTarkenton
Elevation0 - 545 m
 • Estimate1505500
 • Density1372/km2

The Jade Coast Metropolitan Area, also referred to as Greater Tarkenton, is the second-largest metropolitan area in Castine. Located in the far south of the country, the Jade Coast stretches from the United Tegian Republic border north along the coast for approximately 40 kilometers and extends inland for roughly the same distance. Its largest city is Tarkenton with 449000 inhabitants.


Colonial Era

The Jade Coast area was attractive for colonial settlement because of its excellent natural harbor, Tarkenton Sound, discovered for Ingerland by Captain John Tarken in 1613. Tarkenton Sound is formed by the discharge of the Lee River into the Hesperic Ocean. The first Ingerish settlement, Palmetto Palisade, was established on the south shore of the Sound, within what is now the City of Tarkenton, in 1668. For several decades the settlement grew slowly due to its isolation. To the north of the Sound, Sempiternal Island, Arbolethe Island, and other sandy barrier islands were unattractive for settlement and the mainland behind them was dominated by salt marshes and mangrove swamps. The Weeping Heights, a range of cliffs and steep hills, stretched southward from the Sound, making the waters and coastline inhospitable to the voyagers of the period. Glendower, the largest town in the southern part of the Jade Coast, would not be settled until 1759. A north-south ridge line and rapids on the Lee River 5 kilometers upstream of the Sound hindered penetration inland.

Given its slow growth, and its dearth of exportable export commodities, the settlement was of so little interest to the Crown that no Provincial Charter was issued prior to independence and a governor-general was never in permanent residence. There was an Ingerish military presence at Palmetto Palisade, a Lord Viceroy would travel to the colony once a year for a one month residence and in order to collect annual tax revenues, and civil officials were nominally subject to Crown approval via the Viceroy. In practice, however, the colony enjoyed a high degree of self-government relative to other parts of Ingerish-colonial Castine.

In 1765, on the eve of Castine's War of Independence and Unification, the Ingerish settlers were joined by a group of some 700 Franquese colonial refugees. The Franquese-settled north of what would become Castine was at the time convulsed by its Third Tax Revolt. The refugees, who came from the northern parish Jean des Eaux Dorées where the economy was fishing-driven, had taken to the sea to flee ahead of a punitive force sent by the Franquese Viceroy. Since the Ingerish south and Franquese north maintained hostile relations prior to Unification, fighting proxy wars for their colonial overlords, the refugees hoped to sail far enough south to pass all of the Ingerish settlements before making landfall, but their supplies did not suffice.

At the time the Pêcheurs (as they and their descendants have been called) came ashore, there were some 8,000 settlers living in the Jade Coast, mostly in farming villages on the fertile alluvial plain of the Lee, Greenwillow and St. Eliza's Rivers. By this time, the Ingerish crown had also raised taxes on its colonial subjects and used force against some of them to collect, so the Pêcheurs found sympathy that probably would not have been present a decade earlier. In a foreshadowing of the alliance that would topple both colonial powers and unify Castine, the Ingerish settlers invited the Pêcheurs to found their own village at the site in Tarkenton which is still called Rive Verte. Without losing their language or culture, the Pêcheurs became integral members of the Jade Coast community, and Tarkenton today is city in South Castine with the highest proportion of native Franquese speakers (12%).

Post-Independence and Modern


Municipalities of the Jade Coast Metropolitan Area

Occupying the southwestern corner of Tarkenton Parish, the Jade Coast Metropolitan Area consists of 71 distinct municipalities. The twelve with populations greater than 30 000 according to the 2018 census are:

Municipality Population Location
Tarkenton 449000 [1]
Ferngable 141000 [2]
Glendower 49200 [3]
Federation Village 46200 [4]
Grovesedge Springs 42200 [5]
Saint Eliza's Wood 41800 [6]
Sempiternal Shore 37900 [7]
Sault Sainte Honorine 36300 [8]
Springlands 36000 [9]
Pepperiah Glen 34400 [10]
Arbolethe 31500 [11]

Dominated by the Weeping Peaks, the southern coastline of the metro area is predominantly rocky. There are natural harbors at Glendower and Greencastle bays, but these are only used by small vessels and pleasure craft due to the shallow draft of their passages to the Hesperic Ocean. One exception to the rocky shoreline in this area is Hundred Cascades Beach 17, 12.4257, 1.4975, which competes with Sempiternal Beach for the title of widest sandy beach in the Jade Coast.

North of Boggy Cove Inlet, the terrain flattens and Sempiternal Shore, Arbolethe and other island communities are built upon stable sandbars. The here is sandy until the mouth of the Arbolethe river is reached. There, and throughout the Cape Arbolethe Nature Reserve stretching north, mud flats and salt marshes become the main feature of the coastal terrain.

Boggy Cove Inlet connects Tarkenton Sound to the Hesperic Ocean. The Greenwillow and Lee Rivers both discharge into the Sound, with the flow of the latter being much the larger. Jadefire Heights, a north-south line of hills and ridges, cuts across the Lee river approximately 8 km upstream of its mouth at the sound. At that location, impassible rapids, named the Twin Sault of Saint Honorine 16, 12.4438, 1.6695, hindered navigation until the Saint Honorine Locks were completed in 1889.

Above the Twin Sault, the urbanized area concentrates along the shores of the Lee and its southward tributary, the Tourmaline. Ferngable, the second-largest city of the Jade Coast, is located on the banks of the Tourmaline. Urban settlement abruptly gives way to rugged,forested terrain above the Grand Falls of the Tourmaline 16, 12.3051, 1.8263 just southeast of Ferngable.

The area of most rapid recent urban expansion lies north of the Lee River. Here established communities such as Federation Village and Limeblossom continue to post annual population growth rates above 5%. Outer suburbs such as Tawn and Boggywillow are growing at double-digit annual rates as farmland is converted to residential development at the far outskirts of the Metro Area 16, 12.6013, 1.5906.


Laughing Nymph Falls in the Hundred Cascades, 210 meters above the Hesperic Ocean in Tarkenton.

Like the rest of Southwestern Castine, the Jade Coast Metropolitan Area experiences a tropical wet and dry climate (Köppen Aw), although isolated microclimates exist. The southern portion of Castine is the wettest in the nation and the Jade Coast receives an abundance of rainfall during its relatively lengthy wet season, which runs from April through November. The dry season, although short, is very pronounced, and it is not uncommon for most weather stations in the area to record no precipitation at all in January and February. This climate results in a heavily wooded terrain of mixed evergreen and deciduous forest, with the deciduous trees losing their foliage during the dry season. The exception to this are the slopes of the Weeping Peaks and other highlands where evergreen tropical jungle dominates.

Winters in the Jade coast are pleasantly warm with moderate humidity. Summers can be uncomfortable as high temperatures combine with high humidity, although the coastal region of the Metro Area benefits from the moderating effect of onshore winds. The spring and fall are the hottest times of year on the Jade Coast and it is at this time of year that the oceanic moderation effect is most evident. The average high temperature of the warmest month at Government Place in Tarkenton, 31.0 C, is more than 2 C lower than the 33.3 C monthly high at Ferngable World's Fair Park, some 35 km inland. A further 35 km inland, at Tangletree, the warmest month's high is 35.8 C.

Topographic features within the Metro Area promote the formation of microclimates. The average annual precipitation across the Jade Coast slightly exceeds 200 cm/year, but the Weeping Peaks along the southern coastline are high enough (multiple summits exceeding 300 m, one in excess of 500 m) to create substantial orographic lift on their windward/coast-facing side and a corresponding rain shadow effect on their leeward side. Therefore, the Tarkenton Government Place weather station, located just 4 km from the the ridgeline of the Weeping Peaks on their lee side, posts the lowest annual precipitation of any station in the Jade Coast, 160.7 cm.

Conversely, the Hundred Cascades district of Tarkenton is the only heavily populated area on the windward side of the Weeping Peaks. Both rainfall and oceanic moderation are significantly greater there than elsewhere in the Jade Coast. The Cloudborne Arts Center at an elevation of 160 m in the Hundred Cascades, although just 6 km distant from Government Place, enjoys a climate where no month's average high temperature exceeds 25.5 C. This greatly moderated climate is characterized by almost daily morning fog and cloud and a constant onshore flow which maintains temperatures near those of the sea water temperature. It also results in a tremendous amount of precipitation: 444.2 cm/year with approximately 100 cm falling in both June and July. This is the only area in the Jade Coast where precipitation is always recorded in the winter months; Cloudborne has never seen a January with less than 20.5 cm of rain. For that reason, the windward side of the Weeping Peaks receives the Köppen Am (tropical monsoon) climate designation.





The Jade Coast region is a major cultural center in Castine and the principal urban area of Ingerish-speaking Southern Castine. As such, it has many museums and other cultural amenities to offer.


The Metropolitan area boasts over 50 registered museums. They are listed here in order of main attraction and number of visitors per year.

Name Municipality Description Visitors
Museums of Art
The Felix Museum of Fine Art Tarkenton/Museum Hill [12] The flagship art museum of the Jade Coast; first-class domestic and international pieces anchored by the collection of Ozymandius Adolphus Felix 890000
The Janina Tropfblatt Gallery of Modern Art Tarkenton/Plum Orchards [13] Extensive collection from 1920s to present housed in important building; hosts frequent first-class traveling exhibitions 520000
The Blanton Fitzwater Ferngable Museum of Art Ferngable [14] Ferngable's municipal fine art museum, centerpiece is a robust collection of Ingerish and Castinian landscape and pre-impressionist works 480000
The Phineas McFadicus Museum of Avant-Garde Art Tarkenton/Central Business District [15] Exhibits hypermodern art, many traveling exhibitions, known to feature controversial works 330000
Musée des Beaux Arts de la Rive Verte Tarkenton/Rive Verte [16] Fine arts of Castine, particularly of Pêcheurs Infatigables artists. Excellent collection of murals and tapestries 280000
The Hester Fernreach Museum of Art Big Briar Uplands [17] Adjacent to largest artists' cooperative in the Jade Coast; has small but strong collection of expressionist masters and also contemporary works 258000
The Arbolethe-Maidenhair College Museum of Art Arbolethe [18] All-female college art museum has a generous endowment and strong collection of female artists, particularly from the early modern period 222000
The Josiah and Ellemariah Pepperiah Collection of Colonial-Era Arts Pepperiah Glen[[19] Large collection of arts, furnishings, prints, handcrafts from colonial era 210000
The Penny Laudana Pennyngton Museum Federation Village [20] Featuring the works of the artist, known for installations such as the nearby "Gift of Chaos" and multimedia art 180000
Pagoda of Commonian Art Pitchfork Patch [21] Located in Little Commonia neighborhood 150000
The Quietbank Museum of Modern Art Ferngable [22] Small museum focusing on pop art movement 150000
Vos Blahnick Museum of Art Plum Orchard Heights [23] Located on the campus of the University, small but high-quality collection of 19th and 20th Century Castinian masters 148000
Cloudembrace, Residence of Staranna Dewtorrent Jadefire Sisters [24] Mansion of foods magnate features antique furnishings, unique collection of ornate wrought iron balconies, fencing 140000
Belle Mare Museum of Art Belle Mare [25] Focuses on colonial-era and 19th century Castinian artists 130000
Freshwind Sculpture Park Jadefire Sisters [26] Beautiful garden with eclectic sculpture art from local artists and spectacular eastward view over Tourmaline valley 98000
Cultural Museums
Palmetto Settlement Homestead Museum Tarkenton/Palmetto Palisade [27] Immersive working 17th century settler homestead and farm 340000
Musée de la Vieille Ville Tarkenton/Rive Verte [28] Tells the story of the Pêcheurs Infatigables who settled here as refugees from North Castine just prior to the War for Independence and Unification. Includes tours of the walled city 311000
The Tarkenton Merchantile Museum Tarkenton/Central Business District [29] Museum of the financial and trading sector of Tarkenton, offers floor tours of the next-door Bourse 214000
The Jade Palace & Museum of the 1899 Ferngable World's Fair Ferngable [30] The space is now primarily used for events but also hosts the original murals painted for the fair, an exhibit of Fair memorabilia, and a collection of Belle Epoque art and handcrafts 198000
Centre Culturel des Pays de l’Etoile Tarkenton/Rive Verte [31] This museum and cultural center of Franquese-speaking Northern Castine also features a performance space and library. Famous for its dramatic setting: it consists of three black, monolithic buildings surrounding a wood-surfaced courtyard. Medellin Library Easter Egg. The entire structure clings to the upper reaches of a steep hill, so that the view out from the Centre is of a 40 meter drop, and is reachable by trail or cable car. 173000
The Museum of Pop Culture at Southward Addition Sault Sainte Honorine [32] Collection includes pop memorabilia (clothes, cars, instruments, personal items) from celebrities, musicians, politicians 132000
Museum of the Arcadian Dynasty Reededdy [33] Includes tour of adjacent Dulcetslope - Mansion of Weston York Arcadian. Arcadian family was the richest in the parish during the 19th Century 101000
The Bayoulands Museum of Art and Culture Tawn [34] Strong collection of farming implements and musical instruments from neighboring lowlands 83000
The Binenwright Collection of Rare Manuscripts Honeywater [35] Unique collection of books, prints and manuscripts from the 17th Century and earlier housed at the College 73000
Science/Nature/Other Museums
The Orborama: a Place for Science and Discovery Tarkenton/Museum Hill [36] Kids' museum with many hands-on science and technology exhibits, huge outdoor interactive play area 611000
The Tarkenton Museum of Natural History Tarkenton/Museum Hill [37] Kid-focused museum with outstanding bird, raptor, and big cat collections, as well as most extensive geology wing in Castine 461000
The Orson Millican Ferngable Museum of Natural History Ferngable [38] Natural history museum for all ages with best dinosaur fossil collection in the Jade Coast 328000
The Aquarium of the Isles Sempiternal Shore [39] Featuring fresh- and saltwater exhibits, hands-on experience, narrated feedings, underwater bubble 319000
Science and Industry Museum Ferngable [40] Main collection focuses on 19th century technologies featured at 1899 Ferngable World's Fair; offers many hands on kid-focused activities with a steampunk theme 252000
Museum of the Mosswater Bend Distilleries Plumwine Bend [41] Tour the distilleries, try complementary samples of plum wine 248000
Sault Sainte Honorine Locks Historical Center Sault Sainte Honorine [42] Depicts construction of the locks in the 1880s. Excellent kids' area, boat tours of locks also available 221000
Premier Alorah D'Arbolethe Home and Library Arbolethe [43] Opened 2016; commemorates the 30th Premier of Castine (1997-2007) 184000
Premier Asher Spencer Glendower House and Museum Glendower [44] Commemorates 12th Premier of Castine (1866-76) 141000
The Kinsman Estate and Museum Tarkenton/Central Business District [45] Mansion of wealthy 19th century Tarkenton merchant includes notable artworks e.g. The Six Stone Premiers by Fleetman Fleetheart Hartmann 123000
The CGI Museum of Natural Sciences Aloehalo [46] Museum attached to the Castine Geographic Institute, scale diorama of Castine located inside award-winning mini-icosahedron building 118000
Prime Minister Lorcan Landon Greencastle Manor and Museum Greencastle [47] Commemorates 10th Premier of Castine (1860-61) 102000
The Grovesedge Produce Merchants' Commerce Center Museum Grovesedge Springs [48] Operated by the Produce Merchants' Cooperative, noted for juice flight tastings; tours of nearby Spring Groves Growers available 98000
Historical Museums
Palmetto Palisade Historic Fortification and Museum Tarkenton/Palmetto Palisade [49] Restoration of first fort constructed by settlers, admission includes 2 museums, guided tour 415000
The Jade Coast Historical Society Tarkenton/Museum Hill [50] Houses the definitive collection of historical artifacts, maps, portraits, documents of the Jade Coast 301000
Swashbucklers! The Museum of the Tarkenton Sound Privateers Seven Swans Cay [51] Situated at Tawnyblack Manor, estate of Privateer Fernbeck, and housing a replica of his ship, the museum tells the story of the 19th century adventurers who fought pirates in the waters of the Isles 261000
Snowpollen Fortress Museum and Historic Area Tarkenton/Saint Eliza's Shore [52] Well-restored colonial-era stone fortifications and manor house guarding the first bridge across the Saint Eliza's River into Tarkenton 211000
Bayonet Thicket Battlefield Museum Bayonet Thicket [53] Located inside the National Park that preserves the battlefield. This was the only significant battle of the War for Independence and Unification in Tarkenton Parish 150000
The Tarkenton Settlement Museum Tarkenton/Palmetto Palisade [54] Museum occupies the Royal Ingerish Governors' Seat, extensive collection of colonial Ingerish artifacts 143000
The Hunton-Riverty Museum at Castine's First Coffee and Cocoa Plantation Ferngable [55] Tells story of first commercial plantation of Southern Castine's two great cash crops, which are now grown at higher altitudes. Growing, roasting and refining operations are still active and can be visited. 132000
Dunn and and Dell Works Museum Tarkenton/Palmetto Palisade [56] Tarkenton's first shipwright, founded 1667. Admission includes tours of four restored vessels docked at the quays 118000
300 Years of the Syrinxsong Metal Works Syrinxsong Gap [57] Can take tours of original mine and smelter as well as active workshops 111000
The Museum of Colonial Arbolethe Arbolethe [[58] Housed in original rose granite buildings of colonial Arbolethe, second oldest municipality of the Jade Coast 102000
The Pipes and Star Works Museum of Castine's Rail History and Future Ferngable [59] Indoor/outdoor museum featuring more than 50 locomotives and passenger/freight cars from the Pipes and Star works 82000
Historical Museum of the Second Ranger Battalion Frondwash [60] Located on Brigadier Menzies Mossmorton Base where the Battalion is stationed 76000
Museum of the Pitchfork Patch Uprising Pitchfork Patch [61] Details one of the first uprisings against colonial Ingerish rule, in 1699. The original gallows still stand nearby 67000
Watermeeting Ceramics: Our History Saint Eliza's Wood [62] Exhibiting over two centuries of the finest output of Watermeeting Ceramics 65000
Sempiternal Beacon Lighthouse and Museum Sempiternal Shore [63] Restored light, built in 1760 at the mouth of Boggy Cove, was vital to shipping through the age of sail 62000
Museum of the Downs Tarkenton/Rive Verte [64] Chronicles the story of the famous Diamondgrass downs racetrack 59000

Performing Arts

Hundred Cascades wide sandy beach and pier, along with Hesperic Park's wooden roller coasters, attract thousands to Tarkenton's coastline each day during the winter dry season.

Several theater and opera companies as well as professional music organizations call the Jade Coast home. In addition, the area plays host to several annual cultural festivals. The largest is the Limeblossom Festival, which takes place at venues (main stage, marble ledge stage, little jade stage, sunset stage, childrens' stage) across Springlands in the northeastern Jade Coast each January and February. Limeblossom focuses on the folk and traditional music of Southern Castine and includes theater productions, a Renaissance festival, Independence and Unification War battle reenactments, and a food festival highlighting local cuisines.

Another noteworthy annual event is Courtyards Days in the Tarkenton Central Business District (CBD). Near the center of the CBD, the regular grid of streets is augmented by numerous cobblestone footways, the streets of the central Tarkenton of an earlier age. These were preserved, and now they provide access to the more than 20 'Courtyards Parks' that dot downtown Tarkenton. Often surrounded by tall buildings, these parks provide a change of pace from the hustle of the CBD. One can follow the cobblestone for a whole afternoon, wandering through parks and past shops, and not come into contact with the business, trade and government focused hubbub going on just meters away. This gives rise to an adage Jade Coasters use which can befuddle outsiders: if someone is 'walking the cobblestones', to a Jade Coaster that means they are daydreaming or slacking off.

Following the cobblestones is the objective in Courtyards Days, where each park becomes its own festival in miniature. Attractions in each park range from crafts fairs to food tastings from regional restaurants to free plays and concerts, magicians, mimes and acrobats, artists' stalls, bungee jumping from an adjacent office tower, daily treasure hunts, and more. Courtyards Days are held each year in March.

The major arts organizations which have permanent homes in the Jade Coast are listed below.

Name Municipality Description
Theatre Companies
Pequeña Compañía de Teatro Clásico Tarkenton/DerAnnanian [65] Located in Tarkenton's Pequeña Latina neighborhood
Theater of the South Wind Troupe Saint Eliz's Heights [66] Season runs Oct - Mar; company performs in Ten Groves for Jun - Sep
The Battant le Loup Theatre Company Glendower [67] Small bilingual company, puts on classics alternating between Ingerish and Franquese
The Bawdy Town Little Theatre Tarkenton/Bawdy Town [68] One of Tarkenton's main venues for musicals
The Brightwater Playhouse Tarkenton/Saint Eliza's Shore [69] A unit of the Brightwater Academies of Fine Arts; hosts many student productions
The City Playhouse Tarkenton/Central Business District [70] Housed in historical building, home to the City Players, oldest company in the Jade Coast
The New Commonia Classical Theater Troupe Greensward Point [71] Located in the Little Commonia neighborhood of Greensward Point
The Old Garment Factory Theater Company Reededdy [72] Located in restored factory, company performs modern plays
Thespians des Saults Sault Sainte Honorine [73] Largest Franquese-only troupe in the Jade Coast
Symphonies and Operas
The Ferngable Opera Ferngable [74] Three productions per season, one by a Castinian. Known for lavish productions: has won awards for set design and costumes
The Fitzwater Symphony at Ferngable Ferngable [75] Housed in the Fitzwater Symphony Hall, one of two full symphony orchestras in the Jade Coast
Tarkenton Grand Opera Tarkenton/Hundred Cascades [76] Internationally renowned company often hosting prominent librettists, venue can be partly open-air and offers stunning view over Tarkenton Sound
The Tarkenton Symphony Tarkenton/Hundred Cascades [77] Strong year-round program, sometimes performs at other venues but home base is the Winter Amphitheater at Salthera's Gate, where the performers are backdropped by a transparent wall beyond which is the sea and the sunset (or dramatic lightning and rain in summer)

Entertainment Hotspots

Certain neighborhoods in the Jade Coast become especially noteworthy destinations only after dark. Bawdy Town [78] in Tarkenton's Laughingbrook Village neighborhood has earned its reputation across Tarephia and beyond as a live music destination and place to hear break-out acts play. It boasts famous venues like the Mirage A-Go-Go, Electric After Dark, and of course the Bawdy Town Studios where more platinum singles were cut in the 1960s-80s than anywhere else in Castine. New bands still set up in the park on the Bawdy Town Bandstand every weekend, as so many greats did before them.

Venturing up the hill to Jadefire Sisters, the Hill Station Drinks and Refreshments Club [79] caters to those who wish to be seen in this upscale, prestigious outpost. In the North Coast area, Hortensia's After Dark [80] caters to both locals and tourists visiting Hortensia's five theme parks. An area that has in the past enjoyed a more risque reputation is Plum Orchards in Tarkenton, where The Upwater Supper Club [81] was (still is?) equipped with hidden chambers and secret exits to allow high-profile clientele to come and go discreetly.

In the Ferngable area, Under the Bridge [82] is a good place to head for those who enjoy the college student clubbing and drinking scene. Others who prefer live music, lots of dancing and honky tonk should head across town to Garden Brook and visit The Verdant Paradise Dance Halls [83].


The economy of the Jade Coast region is diversified, with Castine-300 companies representing biotechnology, consumer electronics, food products, luxury goods, and manufacturing headquartered or having significant operations in the region.

Company Municipality Employees Industry Logo
Castine-300 Firms in the Jade Coast
Jade Coast Provisioners (Headquarters) Mosswater and Saint Eliza's Wood [84] (HQ) and Ferngable [85] (durable goods dist.) 4900 Online goods marketing Jcp.PNG
Hartman and Finn Motors Tarkenton [86] 2300 Tarkenton Complex; auto parts manufacture and testing Hf.PNG
Pennyroyal Advanced Medical Devices (Headquarters) Fenforest Falls [87] 1400 Medical device research, development and manufacture Pr.PNG
Greenheart Grocers (Headquarters) Limeblossom [88] 1300 Organic and fair-trade grocery chain operating in 6 parishes in southern Castine Gh.PNG
Goodpollen Genomics and Genotyping Laboratories (Headquarters) Limeblossom [89] 1100 Provides services in its field to agriculture, public health industries Ggg.PNG
Jade Coast Coffee and Cacao Ferngable [90] 500 Operations; product development and certification laboratories Jcc.PNG
Sedge-Dewtorrent Foods (Headquarters) Sedgy Edge [91] 2600 Operations; product development and logistics Sd1.PNG Sd2.PNG
Fruity Acorn Federation Village [92] and Tarkenton 4300 Highest-capitalization company in Castine develops software and firmware for its personal electronic devices at its Jade Coast locations Fa.PNG
Jelly Bean Telecoms (Headquarters) Frondwash [93] (HQ and R&D), University Gardens [94] (Manufacturing), Broymont [95] (Customer Support), Sedgy Edge [96] (Advanced materials R&D, under construction) 8100 Rival of Fruity Acorn in the personal electronics market and dominant employer in the Ferngable area Jb.PNG
Tranquility Bank Saint Eliza's Wood [97] and Tarkenton 1700 The commercial and investment banking divisions of Tranquility are headquartered here N/A
Watermeeting (Headquarters) Saint Eliza's Wood [98] 700 Consumer and industrial ceramics production N/A
Federated Heavy Industries Tarkenton [99] 2100 Tarkenton Works; metal product alloying and casting operations N/A
Hundred Cascades Brewing Company (Headquarters) Tarkenton [100] 800 Product development, executive operations, regional bottling and distribution N/A
Great Harbor Guaranty (Headquarters) Tarkenton [101] 1200 Consumer and small business insurance agency serving southern and central Castine N/A
Bank of the Jade Coast (Headquarters) Tarkenton [102] 1600 Largest consumer bank in the region N/A
Tesseract Financial (Headquarters) Tarkenton [103] 1600 Provides corporate accounting, asset management and investment banking services to large clients Te.PNG
UndeleteMe Solutions, Ltd. Tarkenton [104] 700 Concept Development Campus; early-stage software development and academic partnerships N/A
Melifleur Studios Tarkenton [105] 700 Digital Animation and Graphics Campus; the film studio was founded here but moved its HQ to Sainte Ermentrude in 1960. N/A
Harmony Biotech Sault Sainte Honorine [106] 700 Tarkenton Operations; supplies regional agribusiness and medical industries N/A
Esther Smiles (Headquarters) Sault Sainte Honorine [107] 2500 Chemical engineering firm produces and ships specialty chemicals across Castine; product development done here as well N/A
Graceline Federation Village [108] 500 Precision lens grinding and glassworks N/A
Mace Dooley Boat Yards (Headquarters) Sault Sainte Honorine [109] 600 Heavy repair of vessels up to 150 m length and 35 m draft, fabrication of craft to ca. 1000 dwt N/A
Clear Across Castine Federation Village [110] 900 Regional truck transport distribution center N/A
Twiglaurel & Co. (Headquarters) Federation Village [111] 500 Purveyors of Precision Mechanical and Digital Chronometers Since 1818 Tl.PNG
Fenson & Tenton Fuel and Petrochemicals Mahoganywood Junction [112] and Tarkenton 600 Petrochemicals refining and distribution N/A
Harmony Deliveries Mahoganywood Junction [113] 500 Regional transit center for air-road express international delivery service N/A
Bee Colony Food Products Ferngable [114] 800 Production and distribution of regional food specialties and delicacies N/A
Darkwater Mutual Insurers Ferngable [115] 1000 Insurers specializing in corporate clients and agricultural operations N/A
Hunton-Riverty Precision Manufacturing Ferngable [116] 1000 Specialty shop fabricating custom parts or unique, one-item orders for diverse clients N/A
Pipes and Star Works Ferngable [117] 300 Producers of locomotives and rolling stock N/A
Star Fern Furnishings Star Fern [118] 900 Manufacturing and distribution of high-quality furnishings from sustainably-sourced wood N/A
Bentonbough & Associates, Architects Federation Village [119] 700 Jade Coast office of Castine's largest architecture and civil engineering firm N/A
Spring Groves Natural Growers Springlands [120] 1700 Citrus and fruit juicers and distributors, controlling share owned by growers' cooperative of Tarkenton Parish N/A
Hortensia's Fantastickal Spectacles (Headquarters) Hortensia's Isle: Five theme parks - Hortensia's Privateers' Atoll [121], Hortensia's Fantastickal Adventure Park [122], Hortensia's Bayou Blitz [123], Wild on the Isles: a Safari-Themed Action Park [124], and The Tarkenton Islands Safari [125]. 10300 Theme park operator that has diversified into a childrens' entertainment giant of Castine. Hortensia's parks are the largest tourist attraction in the Metro Area. N/A


The Jade Coast is home to fifteen colleges and universities granting bachelors' degrees or higher. Together they enroll nearly 100,000 students. Nine vocational colleges offer associates degrees and professional certifications to tens of thousands more.

Name Municipality Undergrad Enrollment Graduate Enrollment Comments
Tarkenton Parish University Pepperiah Glen [126] 17600 2200 Parish-operated; strong in agriculture, engineering. Best soccer team in the parish
Federal University of Castine at Tarkenton Tarkenton [127] 14000 4900 Provincial campus of federal flagship university; strong in science, engineering, medicine. Grants largest share of advanced professional degrees (JD, MD, etc.)
Hippolyte Vos Blahnick University Plum Orchard Heights [128] 11000 2500 Oldest institution of higher education in the parish (1742); strong in humanities, social sciences. Bitter rivals with FIT
Blanton Fitzwater-Ferngable Institute of Technology (FIT) Ferngable [129] 7300 2800 Research-intensive university with strong programs across the sciences and engineering. Rivalry with vos Blahnick U.
École Supérieure de la Rive Verte Tarkenton [130] 7900 1700 Instruction in Franquese. Awards some professional masters degrees
Honeywater College Honeywater [131] 4400 2500 Grants masters degrees in education and human services
The Heather Sage Ferngable Teachers' College Ferngable [132] 3600 1800 Grants a range of undergraduate degrees but most noted for its education masters program
The J. J. Starbrae College of the Medical Professions Tarkenton [133] 3000 0 Focus on training for professions for which a bachelors degree is needed, strong nursing program
Belle Mare College Belle Mare [134] 1700 0 Liberal Arts college, second oldest higher education institution in the area (founded 1797)
The New College of Enterprise and Technology Federation Village [135] 1600 600 Grants masters' degrees in management, known for its technology management program
Arbolethe-Maidenhair College Arbolethe [136] 1300 0 Liberal Arts college, sole all-female college in the area
Tarkenton Parish College of Business and Enterprise Saint Eliza's Wood [137] 800 700 Grants masters degrees in management
The Alabaster Arbors School of Divinity Jademoss Pass [138] 800 0 Active seminary but also accredited degree-granting college of humanities
The Brightwater College of the Fine Arts Fenforest Falls [139] 700 0 One of the Begonia Brightwater Academies
The School of Art Under Morning Shadows Mosswater [140] 600 0 Has a degree-granting college of art and design
Total Enrollment 76300 19700 Total: 96000


The Jade Coast is served by a mature transportation network that includes autoroutes, extensive light rail, ferries, and two airports.


Main article: Motorways in the Jade Coast Metropolitan Area

Motorways Serving the Jade Coast Metropolitan Area

The Metro Area is served by two long-distance autoroutes. At the southern edge of the Metro Area, which is also the southern border of Castine, Autoroute 1, the Hesperic Autoroute, crosses into the United Tegian Republic at Port When, where it becomes I-1. Northward, Autoroute 1 continues to the national capital, Sainte Ermentrude. The capital is a 355 km drive along Autoroute 1 from central Tarkenton. Autoroute 1 continues northward from Sainte Ermentrude another 311 km to reach the Drevet border at Landry Port.

Autoroute 10, the Coffee and Cocoa Autoroute, begins at its junction with Autoroute 1 inside the Metro Area. From there it progresses eastward 116 km to Glenficus, the capital of Lee Parish. It then turns southward, ascending the Cloudrider Ridge of the Endless Hills. As of 2018, at kilometer 150 Autoroute 10 ends and travel continues on Federal route 96. Construction is ongoing to bring Federal 96 to Autoroute standards as it crosses Cloudrider ridge and descends the Tourmaline valley toward Ten Groves. Inside Ten Groves itself, Federal 98 is already largely upgraded to Autoroute standards and is signed as Future Autoroute 10. This highway crosses into Lapistan and Azuria at Allerswerte, 10 km east of Ten Groves and 246 km by road eastward from the beginning of Autoroute 10 in the Metro Area.

Autoroute 10A, the Jade Coast Autoroute, is a 66 km beltway enclosing Tarkenton. The other Autoroute-standard roads in the Metro Area are, as elsewhere in Castine, Federal highways that are maintained to Autoroute standards and named as Turnpikes (Ingerish) / Grande Routes (Franquese). These are the Ferngable Turnpike, which cuts across the Metro Area from northwest to southeast, the Tourmaline Turnpike, which runs from Ferngable to the International Airport then to Autoroute 1, and the Malarkney Turnpike, which connects the International Airport to highways leading to Tarkenton.


Two commercial airports serve the Jade Coast. Completed in 1991, Tarkenton Ferngable International Airport is located at the northeastern periphery of the metro area, 25 km due east of central Tarkenton and 20 km north of Ferngable. The Tarkenton Islands Executive Airport is a long-established domestic facility that is undergoing significant expansions to its aircraft and passenger handling infrastructure. It is located 10 km due north of the Tarkenton Central Business District, across Tarkenton Sound, and can be reached by a 10-minute ferry ride from the Center City Ferry Harbor. At present, Tarkenton Ferngable is served by aircraft with ranges of up to 9000 km, while Isles Executive serves aircraft ranging up to 4500 km.

Maximum ranges of aircraft currently servicing Jade Coast airports.
The International Terminal at Tarkenton Islands Executive Airport is scheduled for completion in 2020.

International Destinations Served by Tarkenton-Ferngable: Reback/Duranth Int'l, Drevet (3 flights daily), Quentinsburgh/Sean Bond Int'l, Freedemia (3 flights daily), Troie/Aéroport TCS - Prince Guilliame, Brocéliande (4 flights daily), Safrisco/Frānc Trostel Intärnasonāl Ärport, Paxtar (2 flights daily), Latina/Latina International, Latina (2 flights daily), Gorbras City/Gobras City International Airport, Gobrassanya (3 flights daily), Baradin/Borodyn International Airport, Antaria (1 flight daily), Thalassa/Thalassa International Airport, Thalassa City-State (1 flight daily), Montecari/Montecari International Airport, Leresso (2 flights daily), Slovech/Aeroporto Internacional Vira Mesas, Belgravia (1 flight daily), Hexagonia City/Hexagonia City Bassam International Airport, Tigeria (2 flights daily), Dania/International Airport, Merracos (1 flight daily).

Z15, 12.5076 °N, 1.7612 °E
Tarkenton-Ferngable International Airport

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Basic information
Country Castine flag.png Castine
City Jade Coast Metropolitan Area
Began operation 1991
Elevation AMSL 102 m
Passengers 15,500,000
Aircraft operations 168,000
Direction Length
6L - 24R 3458 m
6R - 24L 3129 m
Number Length
H1 37 m
Highways Ferngable Turnpike, Malarkney Turnpike, Autoroute 10A
Regional train lines JADE TriangleLink Express to Tarkenton Federal, Ferngable Central Stations
Suburban rail lines JADE Tourmaline Line
Z15, 12.5064 °N, 1.561 °E
Tarkenton Islands Executive Airport

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Basic information
Country Castine flag.png Castine
City Jade Coast Metropolitan Area
Began operation 1937
Elevation AMSL 6 m
Passengers 5,100,000
Aircraft operations 52,000
Direction Length
15 - 33 2116 m
Number Length
H1 29 m
Highways Ferngable Turnpike
Suburban rail lines JADE Isles Line
Metro lines walking distance to fast ferries to Tarkenton Center City and Tarkenton Harborlands ferry terminals

Tarkenton Ferngable International Airport

This airport provides the Metro Area with the widest selection of domestic departures, destinations and carriers. While the airport serving the federal capital Sainte-Ermentrude is the largest hub in the country and the only one to presently offer long haul flights exceeding 9000 km, Tarkenton Ferngable is the hub for most international travel from not only the Jade Coast, but the entirety of southern Castine, a population of some 8 million. In total, nineteen destinations in Castine and sixteen international destinations are served by direct flights. Fifteen airlines operate at Tarkenton-Ferngable, six domestic carriers and nine international.

There are three terminals in the airport, all within easy walking distance of one another. Terminal A with 14 gates serves the domestic market; its gates are equipped with larger jetways to handle 100+ passenger jets. Terminal B, the domestic commuter terminal, nominally has 18 gates, although 8 of these are just doors from which passengers walk to small propjets. The other gates are equipped with small jetways for aircraft in the 40-70 passenger class. International flights are served by the 18 gates of Terminal C. In practice, many of these gates have just one or even no arrivals or departures per day, as they are leased by individual carriers.

Runways at Tarkenton Ferngable are long enough to handle long-haul flights of up to 12,000 km. Market analysis has shown that several routes in this range would be profitable if they were made available. The issue has not been runways but rather infrastructure at the terminals and hangars to service such aircraft. To address this, construction has begun on a five-gate Terminal D which will expressly handle the longest-haul flights. Terminal D will also feature up-to-date, luxurious passenger lounges, shopping and concessions to attract the targeted clientele. Project completion is expected in 2023.

Tarkenton Islands Executive Airport

The airport currently has 13 gates in two concourses. The North Terminal with 7 gates exclusively serves Southwestern Airlines. Southwestern does not operate on the hub model, but it is by far the largest carrier at Isles Executive, offering direct flights to eleven cities in Castine. Five other airlines operate out of the 6-gate South Terminal and together serve seven cities, bringing the number of unique destinations in Castine to fourteen.

Passenger demand for this airport is high and flights generally run near full capacity because of the convenience of the airport's location. This is especially the case for tourists intending to visit the region's beaches or theme parks. Islands Airport is less than 2 km from Hortensia's Fantastickal Adventure Park, Hortensia's Privateers Atoll, Hortensia's Bayou Blitz, Wild on the Isles, and the Tarkenton Islands Safari, which are five out of the top six theme parks in the Jade Coast by visitors per year. Free airport shuttle rides are provided by all of the island's resort hotels. By contrast, it takes 30 minutes to reach the theme parks from Tarkenton Ferngable International by either car or light rail.

A three-gate expansion adjoining the North Terminal is under construction and slated for completion in 2020. This will feature customs and immigration control facilities, allowing the airport to service international flights for the first time. Runway and traffic constraints will limit the international destinations to perhaps four or five; gate slots are still under bidding as of 2018.

Light Rail

Main article: JADE Light Rail System


The Jade Coast area is host to four football teams in Castine's Tier I-II League as well as three First Division university sports programs. Tarkenton has hosted the Castine Olympiad seven times, most recently in 2012. The flagship facilities at Athletica Tarkenton [141], which include baseball, football, track and field, croquet, boules, beach and traditional volleyball, and tennis pitches as well as rowing and powerboating circuits, a surfing wave pool, indoor and outdoor swimming and diving facilities, are open for public use when not employed for competitions like the Olympiad.

Equestrian sport has deep roots in the Tarkenton area. The Jade Coast is dotted with stables, some of which raise horses for competition, a few of which are more than two centuries old. Diamondgrass Downs [142] is located just one light rail stop from Tarkenton Federal Station, but the area was still semi-rural when the track was founded in 1840. The Downs are most famous for hosting the Diamondgrass Cup each November, one of six races in the prestigious Castine Grand Racing Circuit. High society gathers for the race in Nineteenth century costume; service of absinthe is allowed on racetrack grounds on Cup Day, as this drink was de rigeur amongst the racegoing elite of the Cup's early days and traditions die hard at Diamondgrass. The affection for equine sport extends to polo. Public polo grounds host an active club polo scene across the Jade Coast; club league championships can draw thousands of spectators. Public polo grounds can be found in Glimmer Grove [143], Honeywater [144], Glendower [145], and Tarkenton [146].

The Jade Coast is home to a number of auto racing venues, both stock car and Formula One. Playing host every first Saturday in December since 1999 to the Jade Coast 400, a stop on the International Formula One Circuit, is the Jade Coast Racing Circuits [147]. The track at the Circuits can be configured to offer a variety of challenges, but the Jade Coast 400 is run on the 4.2 km semi-oblate outer loop. The Circuits are home to a driving school and host other formula-class, modified and stock car races as well as car shows throughout the year.

Castinians have long had an affinity for motor sports, particularly stock car racing, and the Jade Coast is home to two tracks that run races awarding National Stock Car Champions Cup points. Piste Stock-Car des Saults in Sault Sainte Honorine [148] is a 0.85 km oval that hosts races every Friday night and quarterly 100-lap qualifiers for the Gold Cup series in Sainte Ermentrude. Ferngable Motor Speedway [149], a 0.5 km oval, also hosts weekly races.

Boules, archery and croquet are popular sports throughout the Jade Coast. Most parks host Boules terrains and croquet lawns, with equipment available for rent or borrowing at park kiosks. An active club Boules league exists in the Jade Coast, and the professional Boules organization of Castine also has a presence on the Jade Coast. In March, Boules Castine hosts its Spring Tournament at the Greenwillow Boulodrome [150], the only boules facility outside of Athletica Tarkenton set up for a large number of spectators and professional competitors, and offering concessions. The Greenwillow is used by the club organizations for their quarterly league championship series as well. While several public archery ranges can be found around the Jade Coast, the largest and most famous is the Archers' Fields in Saint Eliza's Wood [151]. These fields have their roots in colonial times when militia used to gather here to practice musketry as well as archery. There are a variety of ranges, both static and dynamic, as well as a simulated bow hunting environment.

University Sports

The Jade Coast hosts three Universities with Castine First Division athletics programs. All three sponsor multiple mens' and womens' teams, but the mens' football games generally attract the largest audiences.

University Team Name Comment
Hippolyte Vos Blahnick University Snapping Crocs [152] Rivalry with Ferngable Institute of Technology extends back more than a century, lifetime football record against FIT is 105-111-23 in favor of FIT (as of 2018)
Ferngable Institute of Technology Shock Jockeys [153] FIT has the advantage 111-105-23 in its football rivalry against Vos Blahnick and hosts the next game in the series, in 2019
Tarkenton Parish University Green Machine [154] TPU's football team has finished in the bottom half of the league for the past five seasons, but it boasts strong baseball and golf programs
The Cauldron, site of a yearly ritual in the vos Blahnick University - Ferngable Institute of Technology rivalry.

The Vos Blahnick - FIT rivalry has one annual ritual that has gained notoriety, or rather infamy, outside the Jade Coast. This is the gathering at the Pigeon Roost [155], a sunken amphitheater whose center is located precisely halfway -- 14.300 km -- between the statues of the two University founders. This places it in the highlands of the Jadefire Glens Nature Preserve, where it was just a clearing when the gathering began in the 19th century. The Pigeon Roost was constructed between 1904 and 1909, and the influence of powerful alumnni prevented Parks Castine from removing the unauthorized structure.

The weekend before a FIT-Vos Blahnick football game, students from both Universities gather in the Pigeon Roost. The amphitheatre can seat 8,000, and it's not uncommon for it to be full. The songs, chants, slogan shouting, and tug of war matches along the central Axis line running across the Roost are just a warmup. The highlight comes when large screens positioned for the occasion display the simultaneous release of five homing pigeons from the founders' statues at each University. By mutual agreement, the tradition states that the University whose pigeon lands first on the pedestal at the exact center of the Roost is the victor. The vanquished university must pay the price in the forthcoming game. Its school song may not be played, if it scores a goal a funeral march shall be played, and the spectators of the victors' side are entitled to throw fish and vegetables onto the field when the vanquished's players take the field at the start of the game and halftime with no penalty to the victor. These consequences have an effect: the victor university at the pigeon roost has gone on to win 160 out of 239 games, or 67%.

The tradition has come under fire because the flight of the pigeons is not as simple as departing from their university and arriving unhindered at the Roost. Each University may deploy up to five Pigeon Snipers anywhere outside of a 1 km radius of the Roost and each statue. Since the early 2000s, the pigeons have been GPS tracked, and their positions are displayed on the big screens at the Roost; however the GPS information is not allowed to the Snipers and trying to access it results in an immediate forfeit for their university (this happened in 2008 when Vos Blahnick won following a rogue FIT Sniper's attempt to cheat). Armed only with binoculars and small-gauge scoped rifles, the Snipers bring down as many opposing pigeons as they can. In most years, the Snipers' efforts are considered as not affecting the outcome, as the two to three pigeons they together bring down are usually not the leaders. In 1982, the Snipers succeeded in taking down all ten pigeons, which in those pre-GPS days was not immediately known to the officiants. Once it was, the contingency plan - the universities release one more pigeon each without the intervention of the Snipers - was put into effect for the only time. Animal rights and public safety groups are gaining increasing traction toward restricting or eliminating the Snipers altogether, although influential alumni of both Universities oppose them.

Professional Sports

The Jade Coast is home to four football teams that play in the Castine Series I-II.

Team Home Stadium Comment
Ferngable Frenzy Jelly Bean Bowl [156] Strongest team in the Jade Coast for the 2017 and 2018 seasons; finished 5th nationally in Series I and lost to Abella d'Or Prairie in the Founders' Cup
Tarkenton Jade Fire Jade Fire Stadium [157] Club of legendary players in the 1990s, the Jade Fire struggled to stay in Series I in 2017, slipping to Series II in 2018
South Coast Seafarers Seafarers Stadium [158] The Seafarers are new to Series II, only qualifying for the first time in 2014, but have already climbed out of danger of falling back to Series III
Isles Marshrunners Isles Colosseum [159] The Marshrunners opted to stay in Series II for 2018, though they could have moved up; they won the Series II Gold Cup playing at home against Glendora

Parks and Recreation

Major parks including the area's two National Parks.