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Tarott (map)is the largest city of Kalm. It has 4,193,364 inhabitants (2013 census).


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In 1921, the fomerly independent cities of Ristburg, Leuden, and Eschbaum, as well as the municipalities of Hundsdorf, Thonsdorf, and Edbang became parts of Tarott's administrative territoy.

In 1962, the fomerly independent city of Kulz, today the north-western part of Tarott, was included to the city's territory.


The main universities of Tarott are:

There are several other smaller state universities and many private universities within the city.


Public transit

Tarott has a dense public transit network, consisting of an S-Bahn (suburban rail), an U-Bahn (metro) network, and three different tramway networks: Tarott tramway (normal gauge), Kulz tramway (metre gauge), and Leuden-Braunsdorf tramway (normale gauge). The network also consists of a dense, hierarchical bus network, a regional rail network, private rail lines like Kulz-Eschbaum-Luhnemünder Eisenbahn (KEL) and the narrow-gauge Kulzerwaldbahn starting from Rennetal Kleinbahnhof in north-western Tarott. At Tarott-Hipplanken International Airport there is a suspended railway, connecting the S-Bahn (suburban rail) stop to the parking facilities, terminals, and the Airport main line railway station. Also, the ferry network within Tarott Bay and Godersee/Rennsee is an important means of public transport within the city.


The city has two large international airports: Tarott-Kemburg International Airport and Tarott-Hipplanken International Airport.