Tauhon State Route 28A

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State Route 28A
TA SR 28A shield.png
Route Information
Length4.5 mi
StartState Route 28 in Jundah
EndState Route 28 in Stuart
CountiesJundah, Stuart

Tauhon State Route 28A is a 4.5-mile east-west state highway that runs between Jundah and Stuart. The highway is a limited-access freeway and includes G. E. Parsons Drive and the Fleming Tunnel. Its northwestern terminus is located in Little Meilan in Jundah, and its southeastern terminus is located near the Stuart Transit Center. It serves as an alternate route to the main State Route 28.


State Route 28A was designated in 1991 along with the opening of a massive highway interchange, which connected G. E. Parsons Drive to the Fleming Tunnel and the rest of the city's expressway network. The interchange mostly lies under the Jundah Convention Center & Exhibition Hall and the Williamson Greenway.

Fleming Tunnel

Fleming Tunnel northbound

Situated in the middle section of State Route 28A, the 1.1-mile Fleming Tunnel travels under the San Felipe River from Downtown Jundah to Downtown Stuart. The tunnel was built in 1955 when large ships still needed to access Jundah Harbor and points further east. Today, the Fleming Tunnel constitutes the second busiest road crossing between Jundah and Stuart, after the Narrows Port Bridge.

The Fleming Tunnel also carries four tracks used by ArchRail and CapitalRail to access Central Station from the south. Including the rail passengers on these trains, the Fleming Tunnel is the busiest multi-modal crossing between Jundah and Stuart.