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Average: The (geometric) mean value of the curreny in Unified standard dollars. A currency floating between 0.10 USD and 0.40 USD has a geometric mean of 0.20 USD (default = 1)

Don't use default. Be creative!

Frequency: this number determines the speed of the simulation. Lower numbers are faster. (TEST: a second, seven times faster, oscillation has been overlaid)

  • 86400 means one peak and one low per day.
  • 864000 means one peak and one low per ten days. (default)

Don't use default. Be creative!

Amplitude: this number determines how big the difference between the peaks and lows is. The value floats between avg/ampl and avg*ampl

  • 1: The value does not float at all
  • 2: The value floats between 0.5 and 2 of the average (default)
  • 10: The value floats between .1 and 10 of the average

Don't use default. Be creative!

Diff: to get a past or future value

  • 0: now (default)
  • 86400: yesterday
  • 864000: 10 days ago

Inflation: the value of 1 unit in next years value

  • 1: no inflation
  • .5: 100% inflation
  • .1: 900% inflation

InflationReference: The time in seconds since 1970, when Average was the average value of the currency

  • 1483228800 (default): 1/1/2017

Test: Currency=CURRENCY AOD DATA: 27.997977