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The Cambrian Union C Highway System is the main Motorway System for the Country that connects all 17 states


C-5 (Cambria Expressway)

C-10 (Casino Park Freeway)

C-48 (Arlington-Cambrian Expressway)

C-59 (Vernfield Highway)

C-76 (Arlington-Dorado Freeway)

C-80 (Susquehanna Freeway)

C-95 (Cambria Turnpike)


C-176 (Lakeshore Expressway)

C-180 (Balkania Freeway)

C-276 (Schuylkill Park Freeway)

C-280 (Tri-City Expressway)

C-376 (Liberty Freeway)

C-380 (Carbondale Expressway)

C-405 (Susquehanna City Expressway)

C-405 Business (Boulevard of Veterans)

C-476 (International City Expressway)

C-676 (Centennial City Expressway)