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This template is used at the beginning of the article to refer to the translations of the page. There may be up to seven translations.


Note that the template will work without any of these entries and will link this page.

  • text The language of the page where the banner is displayed (english by default).
  • custom_text The text that will be displayed, manually typed. Replaces "text" if your language is not supported by this template or if it is a conlang.
  • lang1, lang2, lang3, etc... The language code in capital letters (and prefix of the pointed page, for example "OGF:FR: Foire aux Questions"). Put   if the article is in English or without prefix.
  • link1, link2, link3, etc... The name of the page in the destination language if different from the name of the current page.
  • full1, full2, full3, etc... The full name of the language (which gonna be displayed).


{{Languageinfo|text=pl|lang1= |link1=OGF:Frequently asked questions|full1=english|lang2=ES|link2=OGF:Preguntas más frecuentes|full2=español}} gives :

OGF Logo Black.PNG Ta strona jest również dostępna w english i español.

{{Languageinfo|custom_text=Pajen ser [[Faltpran|Loganeyy]]'eyo tsed.}} gives :

OGF Logo Black.PNG Pajen ser Loganeyy'eyo tsed.

{{Languageinfo}} gives :

OGF Logo Black.PNG This page is also available in others languages.