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Tempora is a city in North Commonia within the region of Lecroix built upon the Tempora River. It has a current population of 135,000. It is a fairly new city, but it has experienced rapid growth. Because of its proximity to the ocean, the Tempora River, and the North Coast Highway, it has been well able to successfully trade with others. It consists of the regions of Business, Elmer, Belvar, Blandan, Eastside, South Tempora, and East Tempora. Currently, Business and Elmer are the most developed, as they are the "downtown" of the city.


In 2017, sailors from multiple cities came together in search of a new home. They found a river and rested there, ready to take off again soon. They found, though, that they liked the area, so they instead decided to stay. They named the river the Tempora River, named after one of their ships. So, they also named the city Tempora. They built an apartment in the region now called Business, which is a monument to this day. They decided that apartments were the most efficient, so they built more. The city expanded to the region of Elmer, which is along the river. They then discovered the North Coast Highway, and built towards it. Because of this, newcomers came in large numbers, bringing westernization ideas with them. These ideas were welcomed and brought Tempora to where it is today.


There are currently two highways in Tempora. TMP 1(Tempora Highway 1) goes from Elmer to East Tempora and connects with the North Coast Highway. TMP 2(Tempora Highway 2) goes from the airport to South Tempora, hitting TMP 1 and the North Coast Highway along the way.

The city also has a metro system, which currently consists of four lines. It is relatively new, and is planned to have many more stations in the future. Tempora Metro v1.PNG