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Tentoten is a small town in the province Rio Norte of Latina north of Applegarden. The town was founded 1860 as an outpost at the northern "frontier" to the area of indigen tribes and for some years the terminus of the railway.

The town has the name from the geographic position at 10° south and formerly 10° west (now 40° east). It was given from the ingerisk speaking railway engineers, who worked at the railway from Mendoza via the Porta Ferra and along the Rio Norte to the northern boundary.

1882 the last independent indigen tribes under the leadership of Wakahahuppon tried to invade the northern part of Latina via the Rio Norte. Near Tentoten they lost the last battle and the independence.

The town has 142 142 inhabitants. Nevertheless the town is the greatest town in the northern part of the province Valle los Ciervos between Applegarden and the northern boundary. On the map you see the town at 16, -9.9994, 39.9963

Tentoten is known in Latina for his military airfield and the camp # 8 of the latinian army. The town is a stop of the hi-speed railway line AVE # 4 from Mendoza to the northern boundary. The motorway # 4 touches the town and the national roads ## 32, 36 and 65 connected the town. Tentoten has a regional airport with dayly flights to Cordoba and Latina (Cidudad) and at some days to Van Pelt, Porto Colon, Delta, Topahappan and Gentofte.

Near Tentoten lays the town of Dwa Piwa or Lúpolo and around both towns are the greatest area of hop growing for beer in southern Tarephia ("Dwa Piwa" means two beer, a name from the slavisk speaking founders of that town. "Lúpulo" is hopleaf).

Tourists in Tentoten can visit the battlefield of 1882 and a museum about the battle and the formerly life of the indigen tribes.