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Teps is a language belonging to the Karoic-Ugric language family and is spoken by about 400,000 people in northern Karolia and parts of Arataran. It is related to Karolian and other members of the same language group only, apart from borrowings.


Until the eighteenth century, Teps was considered the regional dialect of Karolian spoken in the independent states of Vasireii and Aeraasmaa. It evolved at the same time as modern Standard Karolian (based on the language spoken in the south) and shares almost identical grammar and about 70% of its vocabulary. However, mixings with the Romantich languages of Meridonian and Romans which were brought in from the north-east in medieval times influenced Teps and as a result it has a different system of spelling, many loanwords and a markedly different accent when spoken.


Texts have been recorded in Teps since medieval times, ranging from bureaucratic records to illuminated manucripts. In the modern era a number of writers have produced novels, poetry and non-fiction works in Teps. There are a number of folk and folk-rock bands from the region who use the language in performance as a form of regional identity.


Teps is recorded as a Recognised Minority Language in Karolia and Arataran, however it does not have official status at state level. In Aeraasmaa and the city of Vasireii one may see dual-language signs which include Teps (or tri-lingual where Ingrish is also used for tourists), however there is no legal requirement to provide this at the present time. Several campaigns have been lobbied at the state government to elevate the status of the language to official in the state, but there has been reluctance to implement this due to Karolia already being a bilingual country and the precedent that other minority languages would have to be given the same status as well.