Tereinanen Calliesanya

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Tereinanen Calliesanya
logo of Tereinanen Calliesanya
Parent Company National Transportation Office Properties
Founded 18 June 1994
Predecessor National Calliesanyan Railway Company
Headquarters Sadiemarkt
Service Area Calliesanyo
Service Type Passenger, Freight
System Length ~25000km
Routes many
Stations served many
Depots 15
Electrification 2750V DC Overhead, 25kV AC Overhead, 750V DC Third-rail
Track Gauge 1435mm (4ft 8 ½in)
Website www.tc.cy

Tereinanen Calliesanya (Ingerish: Calliesanyan Railways) is a holding company consisting of the assets of the privatized national railway system of Calliesanyo. Established in 1994, the Tereinanen Calliesanya group consists of six companies which operate divisions of the former National Calliesanyan Railways.


In the 1980s and early 1990s, railways in Calliesanyo were undergoing a major decline, as deferred maintenance and mismanagement under the National Calliesanyan Railways had deteriorated service to levels considered unacceptable by the traveling public. As the national government began undertaking policies in the early 1990s to encourage more use of public transportation in the country, it was decided that a reorganization of NCR was required to improve ridership.

At Midnight, 17 June 1994, the National Calliesanyan Railways Corporation ceased to exist, with its assets being split between seven operating companies and two infrastructure management companies.


The TC Group passenger properties are largely divided geographically, while freight service and non-railway operations (Road Haulage Transfers, Clerical work, and IT) are handled by separate companies covering the entire network.

Types of train service

Daytime Services

Each of the six passenger operators run daytime services under four different classifications

  • Interprovincial services operate the highest-speed network in the country, with trains only stopping in the largest cities, most commonly the capitals of the former provinces. While these services are marketed as 'High-speed rail', they share lines with all classes of service; however, higher speeds are attained by utilizing tilting-trains.
  • Intercity services make more stops than Interprovincial trains, and do not use tilting-trains. All Prefectural capitals and many major market-towns are served by Intercity services
  • Local services, also known as Regional trains, make all stops along their routes, except when in commuter districts.
  • Commuter services are operated on a local basis around major cities. Commuter trains do not have an inherent stopping pattern, as most Commuter timetables have been retained from pre-nationalization service patterns. Commuter services are only operated around Sādiema̋rkt, Shendang, Lakasenmarkt, and Kangigo


"Grain hopper owned by TC Frẙt"

Tereinanen Calliesanya Frẙt (Ingerish: Calliesanyan Railways Freight), founded in 1989, is the freight and logistics arm of TC. With holdings in the Railway, Intermodal, Maritime, and Warehousing sectors, it is one of the largest single employers in Calliesanyo, and one of the largest logistics companies in the world.