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Tolvatech, RCG
TypeRoyally Chartered Guild (Duncanheimian Corporation)
Computer hardware
Computer software
Video Game Consoles
Consumer Electronics
FounderMaximus Ainskogurbond
HeadquartersHQ Building, Tolvatech Campus, Tolvatech Parkway,
Silicon Quay, Kattenden,
Area servedWorldwide
Key people
Techmaster Freyabond (CEO)
Flora H. Vesturmiller (COO)
BrandsTolvatech HC, Tolvatech MAX, Tolvatech Q, T-Phone, TolvaTab, T-Tune, GamerTron, TolVR
RevenueIncrease ℥3.2 billion (USD 50.7 billion) (2018)
SloganShare and Enjoy!

Tolvatech, RCG is a large Duncanheimian multinational technology and consumer electronics company headquartered in Silicon Quay, Kattenden and a manufacturer of consumer electronics, primarily computers and smartphones.
It was founded in 1979 by Maximus Ainskogurbond as a computer repair and motherboard manufacturing shop on the second floor of the Trippon Square Public Market and has expanded to become one of the world's largest manufacturers of computers, smartphones, and other information technology devices. It also commands a sizable share of the video game console industry, with its line of GamerTron consoles and portable devices.


Tolvatech's first popular mass-produced product came in 1980, with the Tolvatech Home Computer 2000, which sold for ℥110 (USD 1705) and was capable of displaying color graphics and recording basic documents and spreadsheets on cassette tapes via an external recording device.

Tolvatech's newest product line as of 2018 includes the following (in addition to several older models and devices from 2014 onward which are still in limited production):

  • Tolvatech HC X45, desktop computer configured with Tolvatech OS 10.1, designed primarily for home use
  • Tolvatech MAX 20, desktop computer configured with Tolvatech OS 10.1, designed primarily for office and other institutional use
  • Tolvatech Q 19, laptop computer configured with Tolvatech OS 10.1
  • Tolvatech Q 20, laptop computer configured with Tolvatech OS 10.1
  • T-Phone 4, smartphone
  • T-Phone 4M, smartphone (with more features than the T-Phone 4)
  • GamerTron 2016, video game console
  • MiniGamerTron 5, portable video game player
  • T-Tune 8, portable music player
  • TolvaTab 7, tablet computer configured with Tolvatech OS 10.2, compatible with both T-Phone OS and OS 10.1
  • TolVR 1, virtual reality headset


Corporate Office locations

Office Name Region Served Country Address
Global HQ - Tolvatech Office Campus The World Duncanheim Flag.png Duncanheim Tolvatech Parkway, Silicon Quay, Kattenden, Duncanheim
Eastern Uletha HQ Eastern Uletha Esthyra flag.svg Esthyra Tolvatech Boulevard, Greenboro Ward, Erilyn City, Esthyra
Tolvatech Tower Esthyra Esthyra flag.svg Esthyra Broadway & Seawave Street, Central Ward, Erilyn City, Esthyra
Tarephian HQ - Oficina Central de Tarephia Tarephia Cooperation Council Allendea-Flag.png Allendea Bulevar de la Plata, Villa Fojenica, Fojenica, Allendea
FSA HQ Federal States of Archanta Federal States of Archanta Tolvatech Avenue, Warwick, Penquisset, FSA

Production Facilities

Facility Name Production Type Country Address
Tolvatech Production Center - Kattenden Finished Product: Microprocessors, Computers Duncanheim Flag.png Duncanheim Tolvatech Parkway to Industrial Port Way (multiple factories), Silicon Quay, Kattenden, Duncanheim
Tolvatech Product Finishing & Distribution Center Finished Product: Laptop keys, smartphone cases; also serves as distribution center for Penquisset SvgFileService (1).svg Penquisset, FSA Silicon Court & Drydock Avenue, Warwick, Penquisset, FSA