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Torre (ab. 2.129.000) is the capital of federate State of Sandomenico, Federation of Ispelia. It is the most populous city after the capital Fortuna and the major economic centre of the Federation. Torre is a cosmopolitan city with strengths in the arts, commerce, design, education, entertainment, fashion, finance, healthcare, media, services, research, and tourism. Its business district hosts Ispelia's Stock Exchange and the headquarters of the largest national and international banks and companies. In terms of GDP, it has the largest economy in Ispelia.


The city is served by the municipal transportation company ATT" (Azienda Trasporti Torresi)
The underground network (MetroTorre) includes four lines (Linea 1, Linea 2, Linea 3, Linea 4). Extensions of the lines are being constructed, including the Linea 5 which runs from the East to the North West connecting the centre with the TR Alta Velocità (High Speed Train station) and the intercontinental airport. ATT also runs the network of the capital's trams and buses services.

Aeroporto Intercontinentale Grovina Forlanini
Aeroporto internazionale Torre Bassaniga

Monuments and Places to see

Duomo di Torre, Torre
Via Goglia, Central Station and Moretti Skyscraper, Torre

Palazzo Reale
Castello Visconti
Parco Scipione
Torre Goglia


While Fortuna is Ispelia's political capital, Torre is the country's industrial and financial heart. With a 2014 GDP estimated at €158.9 billion,[117] the province of Torre generates approximately 10% of the national GDP; while the economy of the Sandomenico region generates approximately 22% of Ispelia's GDP. The province of Torre is home to about 45% of businesses in the Sandomenico region and more than 8 percent of all businesses in Ispelia. Torre also contains Via Albabianca (Albabianca Street), one of Uletha's most expensive street.

Torre is, since the late 1800s, an important industrial and manufacturing centre including chemicals, machinery, pharmaceuticals and plastics, health and biotechnologie and food & beverage. Since 1930 it has developed the most important aviation industry of the country.

The city is home to a large number of media and advertising agencies, national newspapers and telecommunication companies, including both the public service broadcaster PRTI (Programmi Radio-Televisivi Ispelia) and private television companies like Ondacast and Heaven. The city hosts the headquarters of the largest Ispelian publishing companies, including Libonetti. Torre has also seen a rapid increase in internet companies with both domestic and international companies.

As Ispelia's financial hub numerous headquarters of insurance companies as (Vittoria Assicurazioni) as well as many banking groups (198 companies). The Associazione Bancaria Ispeliana (ABI) representing the Ispelian banking system and Torre Stock Exchange (225 companies listed on the stock exchange) are both located in the city.

Torre is a major world fashion centre, where the sector can count on 12,000 companies, 800 show rooms, and 6,000 sales outlets, while four weeks a year are dedicated to top shows and other fashion events. The city is also a global hub for trade and design. The city operates one of the largest expo areas in the world.

Tourism is an increasingly important part of the city's economy, with 7.65 million registered international arrivals in 2016 (up 1.8% on the previous year).

IAT Industria Aeronautica Torre Savelli
Ovvio Spa
Catpaw Ispelia