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OGFmapicon.png 33.1 N, 113.55 E

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Province in Federation of Flag-Ataraxia-v1.png Ataraxia
Region Centre
Area 2,072 km2
Population 809,657 (2015)
Density 391/km2
Airports see Ataraxia International Airport
National Highways A1, A2, A14, A21, A25
Passenger Rail RER, Suburban Train, TGV
Metro None

Trois-Rivières (Ingerish: Three Rivers) is a province in the Centre region of the Federation of Ataraxia. Trois-Rivières is part of the metropolitan area of Ataraxia City. The population is approximately 900,000 and the area is approximately 5,000 km2. The capital is St. Juste, with an additional provincial representation in Pré St. Germain.

Trois-Rivières is traversed by the AX-1 and AX-2 autoroutes and contains the SW corner of the AX-25 orbital motorway, with all meeting near Pré St. Germain. The province is the eastern endpoint for the Grand Canal traversing the heart of Ataraxia. It is traversed by the LGV Southwest from Ataraxia City to Oyonnax, but only served by COFAX local services and the RER network. AMTRAX operates some local and express bus services, but much of the population lives in auto-oriented suburban sprawl.

Pré St. Germain is host to the Circuit International de St. Germain hosting the Grand Prix d'Ataraxie in May.

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