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OGFmapicon.png 47.8777 S, 133.0142 E
Província de Uailândia

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Province of the
Flag of the South Astrasian Federation South Astrasian Federation
Capital Pedravau
Largest City Campo Belo
Lowest Point Sea level (0m)
Area 6482.18 km2
Languages Florescentian
Governador Dom Mário Judite Félix
Ministro-Chefe Teodósio Estefânia Fonseca

Uailândia (officially the Província de Uailândia, Ingrish: Province of Uailand) is one the eleven provinces of the South Astrasian Federation. The country covers much of the southern reaches of the federation, which lie east of the Cape Pascoa Peninsula.


In the local Florescentian dialect, Uailândia simply means "the land". Uai being used by the locals to mean a double exclamation or for added emphasis on a particular word or phrase. This particular name came about from the first settlers in the sixteenth century who believed they had found a paradise on earth. Initially however, the area was known as Feitoria do Sul, reflecting it's status as a Florescentian factory. For many hundreds of years, people would alternatively describe the country A terra or as the local dialect developed, A lândia.

The word uai began to emerge in informal conversation from the middle of the twentieth century and was used for the aforementioned definition. Uailândia as an alternative name for the province is thought to have first emerged in the 1940s, and became increasingly popular in everyday speech over the coming decades. With independence in 1874, it was decided that Feitoria do Sul would be an inappropriate name for a province, and in a gesture towards the local dialect, the present name was chosen.



Politics and administration

Central government

Administrative divisions

Uailândia is is divided in to a number of municipalities (municípios), as outlined below:


References and notes

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